Best Accessories For Uppababy Vista & Cruz Strollers (2023)

Accessories for Uppababy Vista and Cruz

The Uppababy manufacturers have introduced a variety of accessories for Uppababy Vista and Cruz strollers. These accessories, which range from footmuffs, rain covers, cup holders, and parent organizers, among others, are important to have especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors with your baby.

They give you the convenience you need when using the stroller and make things easier for you as a parent.

In this article, we shall list all the accessories for vista and Cruz and provide details regarding why it is necessary for you to have them.

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There are two types of Uppababy footmuffs designed to fit different strollers.

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No matter the type, these footmuffs help to keep your baby warm and comfortable during cold weather by providing full coverage.

If you like taking walks even on cold days, then it is important to invest in a footmuff for your baby. Some parents do not like the footmuffs provided by Uppababy; hence, they opt for other universal footmuffs that are compatible with the vista or Cruz strollers. Here is a list of 5 footmuffs compatible with Uppababy Vista and Cruz.

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Cup holder

The Uppababy Cup holder is a must-have accessory for holding your drink or the baby’s bottle when on the go. It is compatible with the Vista, Cruz, and Minu strollers.

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In case you do not like this cup holder due to one reason or the other, there is a wide variety of universal cup holders that fit Uppababy Vista/Cruz strollers.

Parent Organizer

A cup holder is only meant to hold your drink, but the Uppababy parent organizer helps you to carry nearly all the small but essential items you need on the go. This may include your phone, money, keys, diapers, wipes, baby’s bottles, toys, and pacifiers, among others.

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In addition, the organizer has several compartments and pockets that allow you to keep everything in its place. For instance, there is a side pocket where you can keep your phone for quick access in case you want to receive or make a call.

Piggyback Ride-Along Board

The Piggyback Ride-Along Board eliminates the need to buy a double stroller when you have an infant and a toddler.

The ride-along board attaches to the back legs of the stroller where your toddler can stand on and hold on to the stroller as you push. This makes the stroller much easier to maneuver with children than a double stroller.

Uppababy Vista Piggyback Ride along board: Compatible with the Vista stroller only.

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Uppababy Cruz piggyback ride along board: Designed to fit the Cruz stroller only.

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Infant car seat adapters

Did you know that you can use your baby’s car seat on a stroller?

Well, the Uppababy Infant car seat adapters make this possible for you. The adapters come in a pack of 4, giving you the option to choose the one that is compatible with your car seat.
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These adapters are, however, designed to fit a wide range of car seat brands, so you can rest assured that your car seat will fit into your vista or Cruz stroller.

Snack Tray

Once your baby starts taking solids and is old enough to feed themselves, a snack tray is an essential accessory.

The Uppababy Snack Tray comes in handy and fits the Cruz and Vista strollers perfectly. The tray is deep to hold enough snacks. It is also quite sturdy and remains stable even when riding on bumpy pavements.

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Lower and Upper Adapters

These are only required for the Uppababy Vista 2015 stroller and later models.

The Uppababy Vista stroller is totally worth the money since it can serve you for many years.

If you already have a stroller and are expecting another child, you may easily convert it into a double stroller. The lower and top adapters allow for this to happen.

You may turn your vista stroller into a double by using the lower and higher adapters, which serve separate purposes.

When attaching a car seat or bassinet to the stroller’s lower rails, you’ll need the lower adapters.

The Uppababy Vista lower adapters below are compatible with 2015 and later Vista models, bassinet, and Mesa Infant car seats. However, they are not compatible with the rumble seat (which comes with its own adapters) or toddler seat that is included with the stroller.
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The Uppababy Vista upper adapters come in handy when you want to raise the height of the car seat in order to create more space between the lower and the upper seat.
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The good thing is that once you install the adapters, you do not need to remove them since they fold with the stroller. This makes it very easy to transition from a single to a double stroller whenever you need to.

Rumble Seat

Another option to convert the Vista stroller into a double is by fixing the rumble seat.

The Uppababy Vista Rumble Seat can be used by children as young as 3 months to 36 lbs and makes it easy for you to take walks with two children.

It can be fixed facing forward or rear-facing and can recline to allow the baby to nap comfortably. It comes with its own adapters, and you do not need any tools to fix it on to the stroller.
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However, this rumble seat is only compatible with the 2015 and later Vista models.

Infant SnugSeat

The Uppababy Vista Infant SnugSeat is compatible with the Vista and Cruz strollers only.
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It’s an essential accessory for providing extra comfort and support to your baby’s back and neck when in the stroller. In addition, it helps to protect the seat from any mess that the baby may create.

It fits perfectly Vista and Cruz toddler seats and can also be used from birth for extra support and stability for the newborn.

Rain Shield/cover

It is not unusual for the rain to start while you are strolling with your child. This is why the rain shield is one of the accessories for Uppababy Vista and Cruz.

The Uppababy Toddler Seat Rain Shield has a roll-up window and side vents for breathability and ventilation and can be adjusted to allow quick attachment or removal.
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This rain cover fits all Uppababy Vista and Cruz model years. You can also get a separate rain cover for the rumble seat, infant car seat, or bassinet.


It is unfortunate that you have to purchase accessories for Uppababy Vista and Cruz strollers, even the most essential ones that should come with the stroller. The good thing is that these accessories make the stroller really useful and worth it in the end.

For instance, you do not have to buy another stroller when you get another baby because the Vista stroller converts easily into a double. This is made possible through the use of accessories like the rumble seat, infant car seat adapters, and lower and upper adapters.

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