Bathing Baby At Night Time Or Day Time? Which Is The Best?

Bathing Baby at Night Time or Day Time

Bathing baby at night time or day time; which do you prefer?

Most parents (I included) find that giving our babies a bath before bedtime makes them more relaxed and helps to calm babies down. I, too, prefer to take my showers at night just before bed as it relaxes my muscles after a long day at work.

Nighttime bathing definitely works for nearly everyone, babies, toddlers, and adults alike.

But, what about the daytime?

It’s true that some families find it more practical to give their infants daytime baths.

In this post, we will discuss some things to think about when washing your infant, regardless of whether you prefer the night or the day.

Factors to consider when bathing baby at night time or day time

Avoid cold

The reason why some parents prefer daytime overnight time bathing is to avoid cold.

Babies can become cold very fast since they cannot regulate their own body temperature. So when there is a little sunshine, babies tend to enjoy their baths since it is warm.

If nighttime is more convenient for you, you shouldn’t worry about your baby getting cold if you make the room warm enough.

In both cases, always remember to use warm water for your baby’s bath.

Some parents use a bath thermometer to test the water, but you can also go the traditional way of testing using your elbow. If the water feels hot to you, then it is not suitable for your baby.

Do not interfere with the baby’s sleep

Creating a solid bedtime routine is very important for your baby.

Bathing is part of a bedtime routine for parents who prefer bathing their kids at night.

Babies get used to things that you do to them or with them before bedtime. However, if you skip one of these things, you may interrupt their schedule and even a chance to have a good night’s sleep.

So what do you do when you forget to bathe your baby at the time she or he is used to?

It is very normal to get caught up with other things, like entertaining visitors and preparing dinner, and forget to follow through with your baby’s routine.

Therefore, if your baby falls asleep before their routine bath, professionals recommend that you should not wake them up for a bath. This can interfere with their sleep, and rather than the bath helping them to relax and fall back asleep, it may actually awaken them.

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Baby should not be hungry or too full

Although you can bathe your baby any time of the day, it is recommended that you do not bath them when they are hungry or immediately after a feed.

A hungry baby or one who is too full will not respond well to the stimulation of a bath. In fact, it may be extremely difficult for you since the baby might cry uncontrollably through the bath.

No need for soap every time

First, the type of soap you use to bath your baby is very important. Some soaps can dry out the skin, while scented ones may cause blocked nose or skin reactions.

Therefore, you need to exercise caution while selecting a baby bath soap. Unscented bar soap is the norm rather than the exception.

It’s not necessary to use soap after every single shower, but if you have sensitive skin, you should only use unscented soap. Cleansing the infant with a gentle washcloth and some warm water will assist.

However, if your area has hard water, a mild liquid cleanser can work best because using water only may dry out the baby’s skin.

FAQ about bathing baby at night

Q. When to start bathing baby every night

In most cases, your baby will get his or her first bath at the hospital.

Once you get home, it is up to you when to start bathing your baby at night. You can start immediately you get home or wait for a day or two, depending on how you will schedule your baby’s bath time.

As we have seen earlier, the best bathing time depends on your convenience. If you are too busy during the day, then bathing at night should work just fine.

Q. How often to bathe the baby?

According to, it is not necessary to bathe a baby (particularly a newborn) every day. This is because too much bathing dries out the baby’s skin and causes skin problems such as eczema.

Bathing three times a week is enough for a baby. Just make sure you pay special attention to the neck and face after each feeding and diaper area during diaper changes.

Q. Where to bathe the baby?

Where to bath your baby mainly depends on your comfort. You can use the kitchen sink, your bathtub, or the baby’s bathtub.

For many years, the kitchen sink was a favorite among most parents.

However, times have changed. Parents no longer have to place their babies directly into the sink because specially designed plastic and foam tubs have been introduced.

These tubs give the baby a more secure surface for support during a bath. Also, if you are recovering from delivery, you can place the tub on a raised surface so that you do not have to bend.

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The best time to bathe your baby is entirely up to you. You may find it convenient to bathe your baby at night while another parent may prefer the daytime.

You do not have to wash your baby every day; rather 3 times a week is enough for a newborn to prevent drying of the skin. In addition, unless you live in a hard water area, it is not necessary to use soap every time you give your baby a bath.

Water-only baths every other day work great if you live in a soft water area.


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