The Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in 2023

Alright, dirt bike riding has captured your child’s attention lately, and you don’t know where to start. We know the struggle!

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If you are here to find a way to encourage your child’s new passion for dirt bike driving, we applaud you for that. Being the perfect parent, however, doesn’t always come at a reasonable price.

Gasoline dirt bikes are quite expensive, especially for beginners, when you don´t know how long your kid’s enthusiasm will last. Therefore, our team suggests checking out kids’ electric motorbikes as the first step, simply because they are cheaper.

As your little biker learns more about the sport, acquires the techniques, and nurtures its new hobby, you would eventually have to buy a gasoline-powered dirt bike. But for now, check the electric ones out!

4 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Until this moment, consider not spending a fortune, but carefully choose from the leading electric dirt bikes in our buying guide. These electric motorbikes for kids are carefully researched and selected for your own convenience and saving-time purposes.

Razor MX400 Rocket Ride Dirt Bike

If you are looking for a dirt bike for kids that is optimized for beginner riders’ fun, don’t look any further. This Razor bike has soft rubber grips that provide effortless acceleration, while the hand-operated rear brake gives control and confidence. A retractable kickstand, double crown fork, and shatter-resistant fairings are some of the features this electric dirt bike has.

This electric motocross dirt bike by Razor features a more powerful motor than the previous SX350 model. The motor is high-torque, chain-driven, and powered by 350W. The variable-speed motor will add to the exciting riding experience. It’s advertised as suitable for kids that are age 13 or up; however, in our opinion, it’s an amazing starter bike for younger enthusiasts. The maximum rider weight is 64 kg, but the size of the bike is pretty small.

The durable knobby tires are made for comfort and safety, softening out any rough surfaces on the way. If your kid loves the off-road experience, the Razor MX400 bike will turn it into a king of the dirt hill. These Razor electric dirt bikes for kids are smaller than expected. The seat height is about two feet low and can be more satisfactory to an 8-year-old child than an older one. Apart from that, this electric dirt bike for a kid is well worth the money.

  • Powerful 350W motor
  • Durable all-steel frame
  • Max speed – 22km/h
  • Max rider weight – 140 lbs
  • Suitable for younger kids

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Bike

This miniature electric motocross bike is an excellent choice if your kids are close to their teens and have just yet started to be keen on off-road adventures. It is made of long-lasting steel construction for extra reliability. The true-to-life design of a motocross bike will appeal to everyone. The motor is a 250-watt one with a single speed, and run time of up to 30 minutes. After a full charge, it can travel over 10 miles.

The uncompromised quality of this electric dirt bike for kids will meet all your child’s needs and bring him/her more confidence on the terrain. We love that the brand is a top producer for the best dirt bikes and is well-known and trusted in America. The maximum rider’s weight for this bike is 150 lbs. The pneumatic knobby tires provide excellent support.

The twist-grip throttle adds to a quieter performance and great control. The adjustable handlebars provide with comfortable ride even during continuous use. Without pedaling, it can speed up to 14 mph. Again, we would like to mention that you might end up disappointed if you buy it for ages 13+ since it’s more suitable for younger kids. It seems to us that it will be a better fit for 6 to 10-years old kids. Anything above could work only if they are really tiny.

  • Weight – 25 kilograms
  • Quiet motor
  • Large knobby tires
  • Weight limit – 140 pounds
  • Battery charges for 12 hours

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Another recommendation for an electric dirt bike for kids is this gorgeous Razor MX 650 model. It looks cool, but it also feels amazing while driving. This dirt bike is more expensive than the previous ones from the brand. However, it is an amazing investment for young riders. The electric motor is 650-watt, which suggests age recommendations of 10-year-old kids or up. It’s faster than the other alternatives, so always make sure your child handles it with care.

It is easy to control and a great option if its owner wants to ride an electric motocross bike among hills and different challenging terrains. The maximum speed is up to 17mph. It also features an extended battery life – 40 minutes of continuous use. The dual suspension helps for a smoother ride, while the variable-speed motor is surprisingly quiet. The wheels are 16 inches on the front and on the rear – 14 inches.

We like that it has a 90-day warranty for those, which are not sure if a kid’s electric dirt bike is the right choice for their family. The charging time is 12 hours, as with the other alternatives, but don’t forget that the battery lasts longer. Razor MX650 is one of the dirt bikes for 10-year-olds, which is very sturdy, safe, and designed to provide comfort and durability. If your child is responsible, determined, and always wants to be better – this electric dirt bike can do the trick.

  • Electric motor – 650-watt
  • Battery life – 40 minutes
  • Dual suspension
  • Weight limit – 220-pound weight limit
  • Front and rear tires – 16 inches/ 14 inches

Razor SX350 McGrath Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

Younger riders don’t need to have a grip on how dangerous this sport could be. This is why the Razor SX350 dirt bike is not anything too extreme or hair-rising. The motor is single speed, a 250W one. However, it is made to handle all kinds of conditions and terrains. For less than 300 dollars, it will provide your child with support while driving and make it easy for him/her to do it smoothly on soft dirt or even more muddy ground.

The speed goes up to 22 km/h, which is perfect for a beginner kid. After the full charge, it can be used for a 30 minutes ride. This electric dirt bike features durable spoked wheels, pneumatic knobby tires, adjustable risers-style handlebars, and a kickstand to use when the bike is stationary. It has a rear brake that is hand-operated, providing more control to the riders, making the whole experience more enjoyable and safer.

This dirt bike is inspired by the legendary rider Jeremy McGrath and has authentic graphics and design. The brand manufactured made a small version of the original bike for the young fans out there. How cool is that! It is recommended for at least 13 years old kids, but it’s a good first-try dirt bike for every child under that age. If your offspring is less than 140 pounds, then it will be well-supported with this bad boy.

  • A smaller duplicate of McGrath’s dirt bike
  • Max speed – 22km/h
  • Battery – 24V, lead-acid
  • Wheels – 12 inches, pneumatic
  • Weight – 21.8 kilograms

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How fast do dirt bikes go?

Maybe you are supporting this hobby of your kid, but other family members think it’s a dangerous sport. Or, it’s the other way around. Either way being a good parent means allowing your child to explore whatever brings joy and confidence to its heart. It’s natural to wonder how fast a kid’s dirt bike can go.

Most of them feature speeds that can vary from 25 to 40 miles per hour. The bikes in this article are of this type. Such dirt bikes for kids are made for 5 or 7 years old riders. Meanwhile, dirt bikes for a 10-year-old child go up to 50 or 80 miles per hour (for the more experienced ones).

Do you need accessories for kids’ electric dirt bikes?

We know it’s overwhelming to gear up your child with such a purchase. There is a piece of advice we strongly believe in… Quality means safety. But how to know whether the electric bike you have your eye on is a quality one?

First, check the features. A sturdy and secure electric dirt bike will have large tires and super grip, for example. This will allow for more stable driving sessions. An authentic steel frame means the vehicle is sturdy and durable. This is of great importance if your child is planning to drive it on rough terrains.

Some bikes require buying an additional battery. Luckily, our top 4 suggestions come with a battery included. Adjustable handlebars are essential, especially for older kids. Imagine your kid constantly hits its knees on the low handlebars that can’t be moved. The electric dirt bike that you have just bought would quickly become useless and dangerous as well.

These electric vehicles for kids should be able to withstand rain or any weather conditions. Before you come to a decision, we would like to say that it’s not a coincidence that the brand Razor is the greatest in our opinion. The bikes that we mentioned are inexpensive and well-built. Regardless of their accessibility, they are trustworthy and cool-looking.

Do you need any dirt bike accessories?

Kids on dirt bikes that are gas-powered might seem like a time bomb. In order to be extra cautious with your kid´s new hobby, there are a number of safety gear accessories you could prepare before the first drive. Some of them are helmets, chest vests, knee and elbow pads, goggles, gloves, and special types of shoes and clothes for motocross.

However, when we talk about electric ones, you shouldn’t worry too much. The electric dirt bikes in this guide can go with less. If your child is only planning on driving for fun, you only need some of the accessories. Of course, your kid shouldn´t go anywhere with their bike without a helmet.

Wrap up

Your child will be obsessed with every bike on our list. We say that will confidence because, as parents ourselves, we took care to check some little fellas’ reactions while riding for the first time. Purchasing a cool dirt bike is not enough, though. Make sure to check what accessories are needed before your kid gets on the seat.

It’s not a simple chore to choose the best electric dirt bike for a child. Your child’s safety is at stake, so it’s the right choice to make. Even if accidents like trips and falls can’t be completely ruled out, you can reduce your risk by only purchasing from reputable brands and performing a minimal amount of your own research. Our crew has already put in half the work; now it’s up to you to choose from among the top available electric dirt bikes.

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