The Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids in 2023

We’ve all heard about those live-changing devices called electric toothbrushes. For the last ten to twelve years, they have been considered the best way to make a child brush their teeth. Let’s face it, when we were kids, oral health was never an enjoyable topic.

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Cavities and tooth decay are a slow but inevitable result of kids’ love of sugar like lollipops, chocolate, biscuits, and other sweets. The proper children’s toothbrush can mitigate this threat.

A trip to the dentist isn’t usually a kid’s first choice of activity, so we recommend investing in an electric toothbrush for kids.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and, in contrast to the traditional manual toothbrush, your child will be captivated by the fun extras that make brushing teeth more fun.

Top 6  Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids

Our team gathered a few of the best electric toothbrushes for kids on the market, and we can’t wait to share them with you! We really hope this guide helps you choose the right electric toothbrush.

Kids will love it, and you will no longer have to beg them to brush their teeth (and we will also be happy to know that we have helped.) It’s a win-win! Now, check them out!

Vekkia Sonic Kids Electric Toothbrushes

This super fun rechargeable toothbrush comes in two designs – a blue one with a dinosaur and a pink one with a cute unicorn. It’s created for kids that are at least three years old. The brush head features 3D curved soft bristles and is small.

This is a lightweight toothbrush (only 2.45oz), so the child can use their own little hands to brush their teeth. The product is waterproof for safe brushing and can be easily rinsed in water after every usage.

The Vekkia electric toothbrush for kids features three cleaning modes. A standard one for ages 7-12, a softer one that provides gentler care for gums and teeth for ages 3-6, and a massage mode that improves gums circulation and health for ages 12+.

The timer stops after two minutes and five seconds of brushing to show your toddler when the work is done. This is one of the best toddler electric toothbrushes since it has ultra-long battery life and is very durable.

No more wasting money on batteries! We know the struggle of always forgetting to buy new ones. With only three to four hours of charging, this Vekkia toothbrush battery will last up to 60 days.

If you want to make your child fall in love with brushing their teeth, you can start with this low price but high-value electric toothbrush. With proper care and regular replacement of the brush head, this product can last a long time.

  • USB Charging Cable included
  • 4 Replacement Brush Heads included
  • Sonic toothbrush
  • BPA- free

Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush With Disney Princesses

This Oral-B beautifully designed electric toothbrush for toddlers will not only put a smile on your child’s face, but it’s going to keep them healthy as well.

Unlike the manual toothbrush, this Oral-B Kids electric one removes more plaque and keeps kids away from the dental office.

The handle is compatible with most Oral-B brush heads that are sold separately. This product has a two-year limited warranty, but we highly doubt you will ever use it since this is pretty much the best kids’ electric toothbrush in terms of durability.

The extra soft brush head with gentle bristles will carefully clean the teeth and the gums of your toddler. An electric toothbrush by Oral-B means quality. It’s not a coincidence that it is reviewed frequently as the best electric toothbrush for kids.

Any child, seeing their favorite Disney princess, will want it. We also loved the built-in timer for 2 minutes as it helps your kid to create a long-lasting habit of brushing.

Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, or Rapunzel can be seen on the stickers with each toothbrush box. Princess Jasmine is on the upper part of the handle. If this is not enough for your child to run to the bathroom and use it, there is an app to help you with that.

The Disney Magic Timer app by Oral-B Kids will provide an exciting opportunity for your child to brush their teeth with the Disney character closest to their heart. Give us thanks later!

  • Compatible with a variety of Oral-B brush heads
  • Interchangeable stickers
  • The charge lasts for days
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Proalpha Kids Electric Toothbrush

If you are looking for something more simple and in the lower price range, these Proaplha toothbrushes are just for you. The brand made this electric toothbrush to keep the teeth healthy and to ease brushing.

The unit features blue bristles that fade in time to remind your kids they need to change the brush head and will remove more stains than the regular one.

Proalpha brush is designed with a small handle and is ultra-light to achieve a comfortable grip. Most electric brushes have to be laid down; therefore, their brush head is exposed to all kinds of bacteria or poisonous substances like chemical detergents.

This best kids’ toothbrush is different since it includes a holder. When you put it on, the base is broader, and it will keep it straight and safe.

This is hands down the best kid electric toothbrush for under 10 dollars. For such a price, you get complete oral care. The brush’s head has two sides – the front is for teeth and gums, and the back is for the tongue.

It is battery-powered with one AAA battery that is included in the package. If the brushing session is two times a day for two minutes, it’s tested to last 45 days. The mild cleaning method of this brush will upgrade your kids’ brushing experience in no time!

  • Under 10 dollars
  • Very quiet
  • Cute brush handle
  • Battery-powered

Philips Sonicare Kids Electric Toothbrush

This item is marketed as the best toothbrush for kids, according to dental professionals. After thorough research, our team found out that most parents who had bought it for their kids agreed with this statement.

Philips always amazes us with innovative ideas. Without a doubt, the best feature this toothbrush has is the exciting free interactive app that you can download for maximum fun while brushing.

This unique coaching app teaches the kids how to clean their teeth properly and helps track their progress via Bluetooth connection. The character in the app also rewards your child when the brush is successful.

What else? This electric toothbrush includes a musical KidPacer, which points out to the child when it’s time to move the brush head to the next quadrant of their mouth. How cool is that?

This Philips Sonicare masterpiece is definitely worth your money if you don’t mind the higher price tag! For more fun, the customized handle comes with eight different stickers and has two buttons (On/Off and a KidTimer).

The timer reports two minutes – the recommended time by professionals. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 14 days, depending on whether you use it always with the app or not. Generally, we are sure that your child will be obsessed with it!

  • Rechargeable
  • KidPacer musically alerts
  • Free Interactive app
  • Con: Adult size brush head

DADA-TECH Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

This is an excellent electric toothbrush, a toddler-friendly item, which can play the role of a teacher that will guide your child on how to master the best brushing technique. It is powered by sonic technology that is designed specifically for kids.

The colorful LED light on the toothbrush will capture kids’ attention and help you entice your child to use an electric toothbrush for the first time.

Dada-Tech made sure that the brush head is gentle, and the nylon bristles are incredibly soft for the best results and oral health. We included this product in our guide for the best electric toothbrush because it is low in price yet still has everything that an electric toothbrush must offer and even more.

The lights will be useful if you want to see better inside the mouths of your little ones, while the sound vibrations will improve hygiene and massage the gums.

Besides the 2-minute timer, every 30 seconds, kids are reminded to brush the other quarter of their mouth. It is also waterproof, so it’s a safe pick if your child likes to be more independent, and it’s suitable for use under the shower.

Whether alone or with a parent, this electric toothbrush for toddlers will make morning and evening routines more fun and easy for both of you.

  • 1 AAA Battery (NOT included)
  • Latest Sonic Technology
  • Waterproof
  • BPA-Free

Solimo Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush

This Amazon brand offers a box of 2 toothbrushes for under 10 dollars. This is the perfect opportunity to give a couple of dollars and see if an electric brush will make your kids brush their teeth.

Each brush has a small oscillating head that provides a gentle clean plaque removal and prevents tooth decay. Gums will also benefit from the extra soft bristles. The toothbrushes are powered with two AAA batteries that are included in each item.

We believe this product has only one disadvantage, and this is the fact that the heads are not replaceable. Our team considers the Solimo toothbrush not an environmental-friendly option since you’ll have to buy replacing brush every three months; that’s why we decided to put it last on our list.

However, this is expected if we consider the low price tag (separately, each brush costs under 5 dollars).

This product might not be eco-friendly, but it’s budget-friendly, fun, and still does a better job for your kids’ oral hygiene than the manual toothbrush.

To help the brush head stay clean, Solimo designed the perfect handle that sits upright. The two toothbrushes come in different colors – blue and yellow, with a pattern of colorful dots that will capture every child’s attention.

  • Color: Blue, Yellow
  • For age 4+
  • Oscillating brush head
  • Battery-powered

What exactly does a sonic toothbrush mean?

In this buying guide, all suggestions have sonic technology. If you are not using one, it’s very likely not to know what it means. Don’t worry! We got you! Electric toothbrushes can be sonic and ultrasonic.

What classifies them in the sonic category is that they feature a particular fast movement that causes vibration in the audible range. A modern toothbrush’s frequency ranges from 200 to 400 Hz per minute. Because of its fast speed, it uses even water as a cleaning agent.

A well-known fact is that these electric toothbrushes rub the gums the right way (yeah, literally) and help reduce the gum’s abrasion, more effectively than the manual ones. This modern miracle can reach so many hidden places between one’s teeth!

An ability that the manual types can only dream of. And with all that said, if, in addition, the right toothpaste is used, visits to the dentist will no longer be a source of anxiety.

Wrap Up

Our team believes that thorough research can change everybody’s buying habits for good. Not everybody has time to do it, though. We have gathered the best products, with the lowest prices and the highest quality bristles.

We put some to the test with the unfiltered thoughts of our own children.

To that end, we’ve put together this guide in the sincere hope that it will help you avoid the time, energy, and potential frustration of sorting through the myriad options of price, style, and manufacturer. Brushing your teeth will become a pleasant experience for everyone of any age when using the best electric toothbrush.

We are always here to provide you with selected products that we 100% recommend, so make sure you check our other articles as well.

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