Best Glider Board for City Mini GT Stroller Review 2023

Best Glider Board for City Mini GT Stroller

Are you having a hard time finding a good quality glider board for city mini GT stroller? Well, you are not alone. The city mini GT handlebar makes it difficult to use most stroller boards out there since it gets in the way of your kid’s standing position.

Fortunately, after thorough research based on information from manufacturers and customer reviews, we found some universal glider boards that come with connectors. These connectors allow them to attach to nearly all strollers including the city mini GT and you adjust the walking space to suit your needs.

Reviews of the finest glider board for city mini GT stroller

Our Pick

Lascal BuggyBoard Universal Stroller Board, Fits Strollers Including UPPAbaby, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, No Need for a Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler, Max Weight 66 lbs. (Maxi, Black)
  • Compatible with over 95% of stroller models and types, like lightweight strollers, three wheelers, umbrella strollers, travel systems – including many models from brands such as: UPPAbaby, Bugaboo, Graco, Baby Jogger, Britax, Chicco, and many more!
  • Other brand specific stroller boards do NOT work on other branded strollers. Purchasing additional Lascal BuggyBoard Universal Connector Kit(s) allows you to use one BuggyBoard on multiple strollers.
  • You can trust our experience! Lascal was the innovator of the first ride-on board in 1995 and has remained the global market leader by continuously innovating and making the state-of-the-art BuggyBoard better and easier to use.
  • A glider board is the brilliant solution for transporting two children in your single stroller, with the older sibling simply riding along on the board when needed. Eliminates the need for a heavy and cumbersome double or tandem stroller!
  • The sturdy Buggy Board Maxi is suitable for use by children from 2 years. It’s gone through grueling tests and is strong enough to hold a child weighing up to 66 lbs. ‘weight limit noted on packaging may vary by country’
  • The BuggyBoard Maxi has more width and length adjustments than any other board, in order to make it fit on more strollers.
  • Biggest wheels of any board makes pushing easier and creates a higher clearance under the board allowing for a normal walking stride.


Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider, Black - Child Rider Stroller Attachment with Saddle Seat and Standing Platform - Universal Fit for Most Prams - Quick and Easy to Use - Designed for Safety
  • 2-in-1 Versatility: Fully adjustable and complete with a comfortable backrest, kids will love the Cozy X Rider saddle seat! Thanks to our dual design, it doubles as a standing platform with a non-slip surface, allowing them to safely enjoy the trip.
  • Quick and Easy to Use: Great for families on the go, our travel stroller connector offers a universal fit, even for umbrella or concealed brake-style prams! It attaches in seconds and has a storage strap that keeps it out of the way when not in use.
  • Comfort Meets Convenience: From a soft-grip handlebar to the cushioned wheels, this universal stroller seat provides a smooth ride! You can even adjust the connector arms to increase walking space, offering comfort for both kids and adults alike
  • Safety First: We care about your child’s wellbeing just as much as you do! Our stroller seat features a safety belt, ensuring your little one remains securely in place during the ride. Strong and reliable, it’s suitable for kids 15 months to 55lbs
  • Post-Sale Service: Englacha is the brand parents trust! If you have any questions about our stroller accessory seat, please don’t hesitate to let our customer service team know. We’re standing by and happy to work through any problems you may have.
  • The tube or frame to be attached by the connector of this item when in use, the maximum size limit is 2.75 x 1.5 in.

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi with universal connector kits

The Lascal Buggyboard Maxi is designed to fit over 95% of stroller brands. This is made possible through the universal connector kit that helps to attach the glider board to any stroller.

In addition, the board can be adjusted at different positions along the width and length so it can fit the city mini GT stroller quite well.

Moreover, it rides about 6.25 inches from the ground, which provides higher clearance. This gives your feet enough room so you can walk normally.

The majority of other strollers tend to be too low such that most users complain of their feet bumping on the board and being forced to walk with long strides.

Also, the bigger wheels and built-in suspension make this stroller board easier to push and more comfortable to ride since you do not have to bend.

It can hold children from 2 years up to around 66 lbs. (about 5 years old).

If going for long walks and you feel that your child may get tired standing on the board, you can attach the BuggyBoard Saddle by Lascal. With this saddle, your kid can decide whether to sit or stand.

Most importantly, this saddle seat works great for a city mini gt stroller since your kid can decide to sit if the handlebar is making it hard for him or her to stand straight.

However, you have to buy it separately unless you choose to purchase the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi plus, which comes complete with a board and saddle.


  • Very sturdy
  • Compatible with city mini GT and many other strollers like BOB strollers
  • Comes with the connector kit
  • The board can be latched up and out of the way when not in use
  • The wheels are high quality and long-lasting rubber
  • It glides smoothly on the ground
  • Your child has the option to sit or stand when a saddle is added
  • Sits quite high off the ground so you don’t kick it when strolling


  • You might find it a bit heavy to maneuver on your first try.

Englacha 2-in-1 cozy x rider- with universal connector

This glider board is loved by many parents due to its versatility. It comes with a saddle so your kid can choose to sit or stand.

The saddle seat is well cushioned and has a soft-grip handlebar that a toddler can hold on to while the standing platform has a non-slip surface for safety. Most importantly, the seat has a safety belt that helps to secure the child when seated during the ride.

It has a universal fit thanks to the universal connectors that make it easy to attach to different kinds of strollers including the city mini GT. It can attach to any stroller or pram that has a frame on its rear structure.

In addition, this board is has a strap that helps to hold it up and keep it out of the way when not in use.

If you are worried that you might kick the board when pushing the stroller, the connector arms can be adjusted to increase the walking space.

If you need more walking space while walking behind the stroller, you can purchase the Englacha cozy stroll handle extension bar, which increases the distance by 12-15 cm.


  • It has sit and stand options
  • The child can be buckled up when seated for safety
  • Easier to maneuver than a double stroller
  • Glides smoothly on the ground
  • Very sturdy
  • The handle grip is soft and comfortable


  • It is a bit bulky
  • Not very easy to attach and detach from the stroller

Baby stroller glider board with dismountable sponge seat

This stroller glider board is also quite versatile. It can be adjusted to fit the stroller at 3 different heights as well as rotate at 90 degrees. This is the reason why it can fit on to any stroller that has a frame on its rear.

This board is compatible with the City Mini GT stroller because it is designed to work with any stroller that has a maximum width of 22 inches and a rear perimeter of 3.9 inches.

All-wheel suspension makes it easy to steer and ride smoothly over broken roads.

With a sponge-cushioned saddle seat and an armrest for added support, you can rest easy knowing your child is safe and comfortable. Further, it’s modifiable.


  • Compatible with many strollers
  • Offers the kid an option to sit or stand
  • Very easy to install
  • Glides smoothly on the ground
  • High-quality board
  • The saddle seat can be dismounted easily


  • Some users found that they had to walk on the side of the stroller when the board was attached so as to push it easily.

Baby Jogger glider board (new version)

After users raised concerns about the compatibility of the previous Baby jogger glider board with City Mini GT, a new version was recently released.

The new baby jogger glider board connects to the rear axle of the stroller very easily. It is designed to be used by children aged not more than 4 years.

The board has a textured non-slip surface for your kid’s safety.

When not in use, you can flip it out of the way and the stroller folds easily with it attached. This is quite convenient because you do have to keep detaching and reattaching when you want to use it.

In addition, it fits perfectly on a city mini double as well. So it makes strolling with 3 kids very convenient.


  • You can easily adjust the walking space to about 6 inches closer or further from the axle
  • The stroller folds perfectly with the board attached
  • Super easy to attach to the stroller
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Rides smoothly on the ground


  • If your child is tall, you have to adjust the handlebar so that they can stand straight without the handle getting in the way.

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If you are looking for the best glider board for the city mini GT stroller, you may have to go with the universal board options available or try the latest version of the Baby Jogger board reviewed above.

Users of the city’s small GT stroller have noted that the previous version of the baby jogger stroller board does not provide enough room for their children to stand up straight. The modern model may be resized so that your infant can ride comfortably without having to reach over the handlebar.

You can also choose one of the universal skateboards we’ve discussed, which features a saddle seat and connective adapters that allow you to attach the board to the stroller and make the required changes to meet your needs.

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