The Best Pedialyte Flavor – Reviews and Buying Guide

Dehydration is a common problem among children, especially when they are sick. It is, usually, an urgent situation that calls for you to react quickly. If your child is unwilling to take water and other fluids that can help, Pedialyte will come in handy.

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It is an oral solution for kids that not only helps in rehydration but also in regaining energy. Something that differentiates Pedialyte from other rehydrating solutions is the flavor. The typical rehydration salts are not as gentle to the palate as Pedialyte, which comes in several flavors. Considering how kids have a sweet tooth, you won’t have difficulty giving it to them.

Types of Pedialyte

You can get Pedialyte already mixed in liquid form that you drink straight from the bottle. There are also powdered varieties that you mix with water before drinking. You should pick a preferable type depending on your situation.

While this rehydrating solution is ideal for kids, adults can consume it in case of dehydration.

Benefits of Taking Pedialyte

Pedialyte does an excellent job of restoring your body fluids and electrolytes. If you have conditions that lead to water loss, you should have a bottle of the solution by your side. With your fluid ad electrolyte levels restored, you will feel energized, aiding in your recovery.

It is also a healthy option for sports drinks, where it boosts your energy levels, ensuring you are productive in the pitch.

In addition, it helps with hangovers the morning after a party. Having a bottle of Pedialyte on hand means you can avoid the hangover completely. In addition, it helps keep your digestive and immunological systems healthy.

You’ll like its tasty flavor and find yourself looking for excuses to take it. It’s important to choose tastes that both you and your children will enjoy. So that you may make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top Pedialyte tastes for your perusal.

Pedialyte Kiwi Berry AdvancedCare Plus

When your fluid level goes down, you can go for the Kiwi berry AdvancedCare plus, with 33% more electrolytes. Drinking a bottle of this fruit-flavored drink sees that you have a balanced electrolyte and fluid level.

You can carry the 9-pound bottle to the pitch or gym to keep up with strenuous activities. It is also a good solution for conditions like diarrhea and vomiting. In the case of vomiting, it will help replenish your fluid levels and deal with the accompanying nauseous feeling.

Still, on nausea, you can travel with it, especially if you are moving by air. Sip a decent amount after alcohol consumption to cure a hangover.

A fantastic thing about this Pedialyte flavor is that it has PreActiv Prebiotics, which will boost your digestive system’s health. What’s more, this drink is suitable for both adults and children.


  • It contains 33% more electrolytes.
  • Suitable for both adults and children.
  • A great taste.
  • You can take the electrolyte for sports, on a journey, or to beat a hangover.
  • PreActiv Prebiotics improve the health of the digestive system.
  • A solution for nausea.


  • The taste may be pretty intense for new users.

Pedialyte Mixed Fruit Electrolyte Solution

If your child has difficulty taking water, you can give them the Pedialyte mixed fruit electrolyte. The fruity taste makes it friendly, and they can take it the same way as fruit juice. You may also pack it up for them when they go outside to play.

This flavored Pedialyte contains water, dextrose, salt, sodium citrate, citric acid, potassium salts, and zinc salts. When consumed, the ingredients aid in achieving electrolyte balance by providing essential minerals. The balance of sugars and salts will prevent and deal with moderate to severe fluid loss.

You can also use this mixture of electrolytes to sort out a nasty hangover.

The Pedialyte electrolyte solution comes in a 1-liter bottle, meaning it will serve your rehydration needs for a long time. You can put it in the fridge to improve its taste.


  • A fantastic fruity taste.
  • It contains plenty of salts for optimum electrolyte balance.
  • You may use the electrolyte for hangovers or as a sports drink.
  • A large bottle that will serve you for a long time.
  • The flavored Pedialyte is refrigerator-friendly.


  • A salty aftertaste that can be unpleasant to some people.

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Berry Frost Electrolyte

If you have a sportsperson in your child, it is prudent that you ensure they are healthy all the time. You can achieve this by seeing that they are always hydrated, both on and off-pitch. Water is not a darling to most kids, so you can give them a twist with the Pedialyte berry frost electrolyte.

The taste is refreshing and will encourage them to take more of it. You can also give it to them when traveling to deal with nausea.

Additionally, this electrolyte contains PreActiv Prebiotics, which promote the well-being of the digestive system.

This electrolyte solution is suitable for both adults and children. As an adult, you can take a cup of it after exercising or if you have a hangover. It contains both natural and artificial flavors.


  • A refreshing taste.
  • Aids in beating nausea and hangover.
  • A healthy option for a sports drink.
  • Promotes a healthy digestive tract.
  • Suitable for both adults and children.
  • Contains 33% more electrolytes.


  • The electrolyte has a slightly salty taste, which is not friendly to everyone.

Pedialyte Strawberry Lemonade Electrolyte Powder

It has a yummy, fruity, strawberry, and lemonade essence that your child will find irresistible. The selection comes in powder form; hence, you have to mix it with water before consumption. Mixing is hassle-free, and you can teach your child how to do it for their convenience.

The electrolyte solution is also good for adults. You can mix up a cup or more depending on your rehydration needs.

The Pedialyte strawberry lemonade electrolyte Ingredients are salt, potassium citrate, dextrose, calcium silicate, and many more. The salts will balance your body’s electrolyte levels, helping you quickly to your feet if you are sick or exhausted.

The powdered electrolyte offers you excellent value. A single pack can make up to 2.8 liters of the rehydrating drink, which is enough for a day. The package is convenient and sturdy, preventing accidental spillage.


  • A refreshing fruity taste.
  • Contains plenty of crucial salts.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Ideal for both adults and children.


  • You have to refrigerate the mixed drink to get the best taste.

Pedialyte Sports Electrolyte Powder

If you or your child is into sports, you need to stock the Pedialyte sports electrolyte powder to be productive in your activities. This item will provide you with three times the electrolytes the standard sports drink will offer. Moreover, it has a quarter of the sugar amount you find in such drinks, meaning it is a healthier option.

The Pedialyte sports electrolyte powder is also very fast in its rehydration action. As such, if you are in the pitch, you have a short recovery period. You can, therefore, administer the electrolyte solution to someone who is critically dehydrated.

The pack comes in two flavors; fruit punch and lemon-lime. Distinct functions call for different combinations of electrolytes, which are found in each. Sodium helps keep cramps at bay, while magnesium and phosphate are great for your muscles. Potassium is also included, which helps keep muscles and nerves working properly.


  • Easy to mix.
  • Ideal for athletes, both adults, and children.
  • There are several electrolytes needed for muscle and nerve health.
  • Less sugar is available.
  • A fast rehydration action.


  • The package comes as one box containing six packs instead of 24

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pedialyte suitable for kids?
Pedialyte’s primary target market is children to help with dehydration issues. The flavoring makes it easy for kids to drink it. There are flavors that adults can also take.

Between the liquid and powdered versions of Pedialyte, which is better?
When looking at the two versions of the oral electrolyte, the best depends on preference. The liquid electrolyte is ready to use, and you do not have to go through the hassles of mixing. The powdered one does not need refrigeration before mixing.


Pedialyte is a lifesaver in case of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the body. As a parent, you should have this item in the house to be ready for any eventuality. We bring you the best flavors for you to pick a preferred one. Go for the taste of your choice and stay rehydrated.

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