Best Stroller Sunshade and Shade Extender/Canopy (2023)

Why do you need to have the best stroller sunshade for your baby?

During the cold weather, you need to cover your baby and ensure he or she is as warm as possible. Similarly, when it’s sunny and hot, you need to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

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While you are out there having fun in the summer, the little one might have the worst time of their life. You see, babies are very delicate. As much as it is recommended that they get a few minutes of sunshine, particularly in the morning, too much of it may have some serious health complications.

Direct sunshine tends to be very harsh on the baby’s skin and eyes. The delicate skin could get sunburned while the eyes may get irritated and become very sensitive to light. For this reason, you must ensure that the sunshade you choose is not only breathable but also made from a fabric that can protect your baby from strong UV rays.

Reviews of the best sunshade for stroller

SnoozeShade plus deluxe

This sunshade exceeds the US safety standards and it is approved by Melanoma International Foundation.

The front part is made from a soft stretchy mesh fabric that blocks the wind but allows air to freely circulate in and out of the stroller. Hence, it is breathable and does not make it hot and stuffy inside.

In addition, it has a snooze panel that can be zipped up and used together with the shade panel when the baby is sleeping.

Both the mesh fabric and the snooze panel help to protect your baby from harmful UV light. They have been laboratory tested and found to block up to 97.5% of UV, which makes the sunshade UPF40+.

Unlike the blankets which keep falling off the stroller, this sunshade is very easy to fit and covers your baby all-round.

When the baby wants to explore without being covered especially when the sun is not too hot, the snooze and the mesh panels can be folded and kept in the front pocket provided.

Moreover, you do not have to open the front panel to check on the baby. Simply use the sneak-a-peak zip without letting in a lot of light.

In case you are wondering how the baby feels while completely covered in this sunshade, well, it is like putting on shades.


  • Super safe for your baby
  • Fits all single-seat strollers
  • High-quality fabric
  • Fabric is chemical-free
  • It is machine washable
  • Protects against wind and insects
  • Can be used when it’s drizzling or light rain.
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to attach to the stroller


  • This sunshade needs a stroller with a canopy, hood, or umbrella to fit.
  • It does not protect against moderate or heavy rain

SnoozeShade Plus Stroller Sun Cover

This too is a universal sunshade that is designed to fit all strollers with a canopy or hood.

It differs from the above version in that the mesh fabric together with the sleep panel blocks about 99% of UV. The mesh is soft and stretchy and allows air to flow in and out, which makes it breathable.

In addition, it has an integrated zip-up panel that comes in handy when the baby sleeps while on the go for privacy.

This sunshade is super easy to attach. It has straps that can be attached to different parts of the stroller. The straps can be attached together at the back of the stroller and adjusted to fit tightly especially when you have a smaller stroller.


  • Perfectly protects the baby against sun, wind, and chill
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable
  • The mesh is chemical-free
  • Universal fit
  • Suitable for 3 and 4-wheel strollers


  • Only fits on strollers with a canopy or hood

Sunshade for strollers and car seats (SPF 30+)

This sunshade may look simple but it works great at protecting your baby against the harmful rays from the sun.

With the help of hooks, the sunshade attaches to the canopy of the stroller or car seat. Thus, to use it, you must have a stroller that has a canopy such as Uppababy, Baby Jogger, Graco, Joovy, Britax, and Bugaboo stroller.

In addition, it has adjustable straps that allow the cover to fit on a wide range of strollers and car seats.

It has an SPF 30+ so you can rest assured that your baby is well protected from UV rays. It also provides protection against the wind, bugs, falling leaves, and chill.

However, the cover is see-through so your baby can clearly see the surroundings and you can also see him or her through it.


  • Strong and high-quality material
  • Stays in place even under strong winds
  • Folds with the stroller
  • Comes with strong plastic hooks that you use to attach it to the stroller
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Tends to be a bit long for a car seat but it is the perfect length for a stroller.

Topwon Universal stroller canopy extender

This is an extra-large canopy that is sure to offer maximum protection to your baby against UV rays with UPF 50+.

It has a sturdy construction and buckle straps, which prevent it from being blown by the wind.

When it comes to storing, this canopy folds easily so you can bring it along or put it away when not in use.

The only downside is that this sunshade extender can only be used on strollers that have a canopy.

Stroller sunshade and blackout blind for strollers

This stroller sun shade by SnoozeShade has received several awards and is approved by Melanoma International Foundation.

It is much easier to use than throwing a blanket or muslin over the stroller to protect your baby from the sun. It has a UPF 50+ that gives your baby 99% protection against UV rays.

In addition, it fits all single strollers with a canopy and single bassinets and protects the baby against the wind, sun, light rain, and bugs.

It is breathable and allows free flow of air in and out of the stroller; thereby, preventing overheating.

Other than providing protection against the sun, this sunshade acts as a sleeping aid. It enables your baby to nap quickly and for longer even as you stroll since they do not see too much light while outside.


  • Universal fit
  • High-quality material
  • Breathable
  • Can be used from birth
  • Lightweight
  • Made of a stretchy fabric


  • Does not have a front viewing panel like the SnoozeShade Plus and Deluxe.
  • It is not see-through so you cannot see your baby.

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Reviews of the best stroller shade extender and canopy

Monito Sun Shade for strollers and car seats

This stroller sunshade also has UPF 50 which indicates that it is excellent at cutting out UV rays to protect your baby.

It is made from a premium span fabric is stretches a bit and is very soft.

The best thing about this canopy is that it is compatible with both strollers and car seats. So you can use it as a car seat sunshade in the car when on the go.

Most importantly, it has a sturdy construction and buckle straps, which ensures that it stays in place even on a windy day.

Summer Rayshade stroller cover

This stroller cover is made from premium spandex. It has UPF 50+ and has been tested and proved to protect a baby from over 99% of the harmful sun rays.

Although it is designed to fit BabyZen Yoyo Yoyo strollers, it is compatible with any stroller that has a canopy.

Gloglow Baby stroller pram sunshade

This sunshade extension comes in two colors; blue and black. It is made from a premium high-quality material that includes a combination of Lycra and Oxford fabrics.

It provides sun blocking and eye protection from UV rays as well as dust protection.

Moreover, it has a universal fit thanks to the S-hooks and flexible elastic bands that makes it possible to fit in different strollers and car seats.

It is very easy to install on the stroller as well as folds away when not in use.

Universal Baby Stroller Canopy extender

This stroller shade extender has a universal fit so it is compatible with different stroller sizes and designs such as umbrella strollers, awning strollers, and even high-landscape cars.

The elastic straps on this extender make it possible to adjust and fit it according to the size of your stroller.

In addition, it is made of high-quality Lycra material which is stretchy, lightweight, and breathable.

Most importantly, it provides protection against 99% UV rays and sun glare as well as protection from dust, pollen, mosquitoes, and flying bugs and insects.

It can be folded easily when not in use and kept in its own pouch.

Bayan Stroller Sunshade baby car set cover

This sunshade is a deal when traveling by a car seat attached to the stroller in order to protect the baby against UV rays, wind, chill, pollen grains, and even light rain.

It has a universal fit so it is ideal for single strollers, car seats, carriers, cradles, cribs, pack n plays and playpens, bassinets, and cribs.

The unique thing about this sunshade is that you can see your baby through the mesh fabric on the sides, unlike the above sunshades. However, it is a little darker at the center so that minimal light passes through and this promotes better sleep when the baby is napping.

The mesh fabric is also breathable and allows the free flow of air in and out of the car seat, which prevents overheating.

In addition, the cover has UPF 24+ which helps to block about 96% of UV rays.


  • You can see your baby through the mesh
  • Can be used even on pack n plays, cribs, and playpens to keep bugs, cats, and dogs away.
  • Very stretchy, which gives it a universal fit
  • Blocks  a lot of light
  • Very lightweight
  • No overheating since its breathable


  • Not ideal for use in moderate to heavy rain

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The best stroller sunshade is an essential item to have for your stroller because most of them do not have adequate sun coverage. Oftentimes, you have to keep trying to tuck your baby’s legs into the stroller so that she or he is under the canopy and protected from the sun.

A sunshade is convenient and hustle-free since it ensures your baby is completely protected from the harmful UV. It also creates a conducive environment for the baby to nap as you stroll since light does not pass through to distract them.

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