Does a Cool Mist Humidifier Make the Room Cold?

Does a Cool Mist Humidifier Make the Room Cold

This is a common question among parents who use humidifiers, especially during the summer and winter.

All humidifiers are designed to increase humidity or moisture in a room to protect against irritation that can be caused by dryness in somebody’s parts, such as the nose, skin, lips, and throat. There are different types of humidifiers, but although they add moisture to the air, they function differently.

For instance, warm mist humidifiers boost the room’s temperature while producing hot mist, while cool mist humidifiers produce cool mist or vapor that raises the room’s humidity without raising the temperature.

Since cool mist humidifiers don’t raise the temperature of the room, they’re great for the summer and for usage in a baby’s or child’s room because it will feel slightly cooler. Conversely, warm mist humidifiers are more suited in the winter to add a little warmth to the room.

So, does a cool-mist humidifier make the room cold?

Cool mist humidifiers make the room feel a bit cooler but not cold.

This is based on the fact that they work by dispersing cool moisture into the air, which in turn increases humidity without raising the temperature.

However, you, on the other hand, may feel a little warmer because the high humidity prevents the body from sweating, hence retaining body heat.

How do cool mist humidifiers work?

Cool mist humidifiers are classified into evaporative and ultrasonic models, which function differently.

The evaporative humidifiers work through a rotating fan that blows air through a wet wick causing the water to evaporate and produce moisture that is dispersed into the atmosphere.

Ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, do not have a fan. Rather, they use a nebulizer to produce cool vapor or mist, increasing humidity. This type is usually quieter than the former; hence, more suited for the kids’ room and nursery.

The two types of cool mist humidifiers increase the humidity of the room but do not cause a rise in temperature.

When do you need a cool-mist humidifier?

  • To alleviate symptoms caused by dry air and allergies

Moisture helps in relieving symptoms caused by dry air and allergies. Dry air may cause dry skin and eyes and dry nasal passages, or scratchy throat. It may also worsen symptoms of hay fever, flu, and the common cold.

Cool mist humidifier make a room cooler

A cool-mist humidifier increases humidity in the air creating a conducive environment for better sleep and comfortable breathing in the house. Better sleep enhances good health and avoidance or fewer hospital bill expenses.

By using a humidifier to add moisture back into the air, the skin remains soft and clear by retaining its natural moistness.  Thus, skin problems like eczema and cracked lips get minimized, and ideal humidity creates optimal breathing conditions that loosen the build-up mucus.

  • To freshen the room

Cool mist humidifiers also prevent stale indoor air due to added humidity which increases freshness.

This gives quality sleep and getting enough of it at the right time. This is because it increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body.

Also, it gives psychological satisfaction when living in fresh rooms, which boosts the ability to be more productive in house activities like playing for babies.

  • To minimize static electricity

Static electricity refers to the friction caused by negative and positive charges of an object within or on the surface material that brings about an electric imbalance of charges.

It is known to be hazardous and may cause death, paralysis, or even fire breakouts.

By increasing the moisture content in the air, static electricity is minimized, which is beneficial to people, computers, and other households.

  • To increase the moisture level in dry months

The dryness of the air is measured by relative humidity, and when it goes below 30%, it is not very comfortable for human beings. Healthy levels of humidity throughout the year can be challenging, but humidifiers help in working out the challenge during these seasons.

In return, diseases and infections are kept at bay since everything else goes on smoothly due to enough moisture.

The pros and cons of cool mist humidifiers

Pros of cool mist humidifiers

  • Eliminates dust mites and allergens

Dust mites are small tiny bugs that can only be seen under a microscope. They cause allergy symptoms similar to those of pollen allergies like red itchy, watery eyes, itchy runny, and stuffy nose with sneezing.

They carry a lot of germs, but these tiny creatures do not survive in colder and drier places since they like warm temperatures with less humidity. So they cannot survive in a room with a cool-mist humidifier since there is high humidity.

  • Longevity of furniture

With correct humidity, the moisture content in the air inside homes is always ideal and more favorable for all kinds of fixtures and furniture.

They will last longer and perform better. These include but are not limited to chairs, wood floors, tiles, and tables.

  • They are affordable

Cool mist humidifiers come at a lesser cost compared to warm mist humidifiers. In addition, they are easier to maintain, so one is able to save a lot during purchase.

  • Medical inhalants facilitation

For people having pulmonary or respiratory problems, medical inhalers can be added to the water in the humidifier for better breathing. This multi-tasked therapy is energy efficient, and it saves time too.

This method is more efficient than the direct application of these inhalants.

  • They are safe to use around kids

These humidifiers are among the most child-friendly devices because they create cool mist and hence carry no risk of burns.

  • Shape and color variation

They come in different shapes and colors that make them adorable to babies, unlike most electrical appliances that do not have this as an added specification.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold

Cons of cool mist humidifiers

  • They may harbor bacteria and mold

Cool mist humidifiers harbor bacteria and mold spores if they’re not cleaned out once a week. This is avoidable if one uses mineral water which is quite expensive.

Bacteria and fungus do not survive in mineral water since it is deionized and pure.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance process can be quite demanding, especially if everyone in the house is up and down on a daily basis.

Time is so much limited, and therefore when it is not done as per the set standards, they are likely to cause more harm than good which may damage or even cause contamination from unchanged water.

  • Noise

They are quite noisy when in operation compared to warm mist humidifiers. This noise is not very friendly to babies, especially newborns, but it is not known to cause major risks.

However, the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier does not have a fan; hence, it is quieter than the evaporative humidifier.

Which is better, cool-mist versus warm mist humidifier for babies?

Cool mist humidifiers are the best to use for babies since they do not release hot steam, which may cause burns should they get too close to them.

Improving humidity levels in the baby’s room gives them better skin, protection from germs, and overall health. It also creates a good room environment making the kids feel very comfortable and sleep better.

In addition, cool mist humidifiers do not consume that much energy, unlike warm mist humidifiers, which are not energy efficient since releasing hot steam.

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Where to place a cool-mist humidifier in the baby’s room or bedroom

These gadgets should be kept well out of reach for the baby. They should be kept away from pathways to avoid knocking them down and far from electric appliances to avoid electrocution in case of spills.

Moreover, the humidifier should not be kept too close to the bed since humidity distributes well to the entire room with time.

However, they should be reachable to avoid dropping them down when trying to reach out for them.

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So to answer the question, does a cool-mist humidifier make the room cold? The answer is yes, they do make the room feel a bit cooler but not very cold. This is because they produce a cool mist that increases the humidity in the room without increasing the temperature.

Nonetheless, choosing a warm or cool mist model depends on one’s preference. It is advisable to do enough research before purchase to make sure the one you purchase meets your needs. Most importantly, it is also wise to train grown-ups on how to use and maintain them for better service.


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