How To Clean High Chair Straps: Step by Step

If you are wondering how to clean high chair straps whether removable or non removable, this article will be of great help.

Most high chairs are very easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe the chair down with a clean damp cloth and all the food sticking on it comes off with ease.

The problem comes when the straps are really dirty and need to be cleaned.

Since the straps are fabric, they cannot be wiped clean like the rest of the chair. Some straps can be removed or detached from the chair and washed in the machine while others are non-removable.

In this article, we shall look at how you can clean both removable and non-removable high chair straps to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

How To Clean High Chair Straps?

You will need:

How to clean non removable high chair straps

  • Detergent
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Soft brush
  • Bleach (optional)
  • A disinfecting/ sterilizing solution like Milton

Cleaning removable high chair straps

If the straps of your baby’s high chair are removable such as the Stokke high chair, follow these simple steps.

1. Remove the straps

2. If using a washing machine, put the straps in the wash bag and throw it into the machine.

3. If washing by hand, first soak the straps in hot water with appropriate detergent for some time or overnight. You can add baking soda or white vinegar to facilitate stain removal or bad odor. Then take a soft brush and gently scrub off to remove dirt and loosen build-up.

4. In case of any stubborn stains, use bleach. However, some manufacturers may be against the use of bleaching agents on straps depending on the material used. Thus, make sure you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to cleaning.

5. Rinse the straps thoroughly to remove any traces of the detergent and bleach.

6. Sterilize/disinfect the straps. You can use white vinegar, Milton solution, or any other disinfectant you may have at home that is safe to use on kids’ items.

7. Hang the straps outside to dry

Cleaning non-removable high chair straps

If the straps cannot be detached from the high chair, the following steps will be of great help.

1. Take the high chair outside

2. Soak the straps while still attached to the chair in dish soap or detergent. You can achieve this by dipping a cloth in soapy water and rubbing it on the straps.

3. Let the straps soak for some time so that all the dry food can soften.

4. Take a soft brush as starting scrubbing the straps paying special attention to stained areas.

5. If allowed by the manufacturer, use a bleaching agent to remove any stubborn stains.

6. Rinse off thoroughly with water and leave the chair to dry under the sun.

7. Sterilize the straps

8. It is not possible to clean the straps without getting water onto the cover. Thus, if possible, wash the cover too before rinsing off the straps. Also, remember to wipe the rest of the chair to prevent mold and rust on the metal parts.

At times, you may think that your high chair straps are not removable yet with a little gentle force, they may come out.

Here is a video showing you how to remove and clean high chair straps.

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More on how to clean a high chair

Q. How often do clean high chairs and straps

It is important to clean a high chair regularly so as not to harbor bacteria. The spilled food stuck on the chair or the straps can result in the growth of mold or bacteria and become a health hazard.

According to a recent study on germs in high chairs, restaurant high chairs harbor more bacteria than the average public toilet seat. This is attributed to poor cleaning by the restaurant staff. Children are likely to become ill if they come into frequent contact with such dirty seats.

Therefore, medical authorities advise that you periodically clean and sanitize your baby’s highchair or booster seat (at least twice a month). To avoid accumulation and food stains that could be difficult to remove after drying, you should wipe the chair off immediately after each meal.

Q. How to clean the high chair cover

Apart from routinely washing the straps, you will also need to wash the high chair cover. The mess created during meals often leaves the cover full of food cramps or stains that should be cleaned.

How to clean high chair straps

The easiest way is to remove the cover and toss it into the washing machine. If the cover has vinyl, take extra care and wash in cold water then hang to dry.

Sometimes, your baby may throw up on the cover. To get rid of the vomit smell, you may have to use baking soda or white vinegar. Soak the cover in a solution of white vinegar or baking soda in water to neutralize the smell then wash in the machine.

Q. How to clean a high chair tray

A high chair tray is very easy to clean. If it is not too messy, you can wipe it down with a soft cloth using water and dish soap.

You can also use a high chair cleaner spray and then wipe the tray with a wet paper towel. Then disinfect using vinegar since it is safe, natural, and has sanitizing properties.

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This article has provided a detailed guide on how to clean high chair straps both removable and non-removable, high chair trays, and covers. Apart from cleaning the straps, it is important to wipe the chair after every meal as well as have a deep clean every month or after every two weeks.

This helps to protect your child from health complications that may occur as a result of bacteria or mold that grows on dirty high chairs.

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  1. Cleaning the high chair is my most unpleasant thing to do! Our high chair is with non-removable straps, and it’s a real struggle every time I have to clean it. For the next baby, I am definitely buying a removable strap high chair. I will try some of the tips for easy cleaning from the article.


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