How To Keep Baby Bottles Warm At Night & On The Go

How To Keep Baby Bottles Warm At Night

How to keep baby bottles warm at night and on the go is a common question among many parents. A hungry baby can be very demanding and with zero patience.

When he wants to feed, he has to do it now, whether it’s in the daytime or in the middle of the night. If he or she is still breastfeeding, you have nothing to worry about since they can feed directly from the source but owe unto you if you have to warm a bottle first.

Most adults get the bottle ready before bed, then get up to warm it up for nighttime feeding. Some people make the bottle ahead of time so they only have to warm it up when their baby needs to eat on the fly.

Having a fussy baby by your side might make this a stressful experience.

In this post, we will discuss several methods for keeping baby’s bottles warm at night and on the road, making feeding a more manageable experience for both you and your infant.

4 ways how to keep baby bottles warm at night and on the go

1. Get a water kettle for baby formula

Did you know that there are kettles specifically designed for boiling and keeping water for formula at the right temperature all day or night?

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Although there are different brands out there, this BabyEXO formula kettle comes highly recommended by parents.

This kettle not only heats up water to perfect temperature but also keeps it that way for up to 24 hours.

This means that even if you wake up in the middle of the night, all you have to do is add the formula (which you have already measured) to the bottle, add the water from the kettle, and shake thoroughly.  Then feed your baby.

No waiting for water to boil and cool, which leaves you with enough time to sleep and get the much-needed rest.

Similarly, when traveling, you just need to warm the water to the right temperature and bring it along on your journey.

2. Get a formula dispenser machine

This is a machine designed to dispense formula instantly and at the right temperature.

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One such machine is the Baby Brezza Formula dispenser. It automatically mixes, warms, and dispenses baby formula instantly and in perfect consistency.

It works great with all brands of formula since you can customize the mixing and temperature setting.

If your baby is formula-fed, this should be a must-have item in the nursery. It will be a lifesaver, especially in the middle of the night when you are super tired and your baby is crying inconsolably for milk.

Simply set it up in your baby’s room or your room with the necessary items like bottles to use when it’s time for a feed.

3. Store warm water in a travel thermos

First, you need to boil the water to about 70 degrees Celsius to kill all the germs, then fill your travel thermos.

Carry the thermos with you to the bedroom or baby’s nursery. Immediately the baby wakes up, pour the water into a bowl, and start warming the bottle.  If the water is hot enough, the milk will be ready within a few minutes.

Some parents also use this water to prepare formula. Put cooled boiled water in a bottle, add a little hot water from the flask, then add the formula and shake thoroughly.

Check the temperature to ensure that the formula is lukewarm (about 37 degrees Celsius) before feeding the baby.

4. Use a bottle warmer with a cooler

If your baby has not started using the formula, a bottle warmer is a good option for quickly warming breast milk.

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[amazon box=”B000056HMB” title=”The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler”]

There are several bottle warmers out there, but one that is really great for night feeding is the First Years Night Cravings bottle warmer and cooler.

This bottle warmer has a cooler attached to it that can hold 2 bottles. The cooler can keep the bottles cool for up to 8 hours.

This is very convenient since it allows you to store two bottles of breast milk to quickly warm them up at night without having to go to the kitchen.

When on the go, the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer will be the most ideal for warming the baby’s milk or formula. This warmer does not need any source of power to use it. It simply stores hot water to warm the milk when traveling.

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It is important to note that a baby’s formula and breast milk should be handled with utmost care and hygiene.

It is not recommended to warm the bottles and leave them out for too long before feeding, as this may put your baby’s health at risk.

For this reason, this page provides a variety of options for rapidly preparing fresh formula or breast milk for use during the night.

When out and about, you can use these tricks to keep infant bottles warm. It takes only a few minutes to prepare the mixture if you have some warm water on hand. Equally, warming breast milk bottles just takes a few minutes with hot water or a bottle warmer.

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  1. Oh, yes, warming the bottle while there is a hungry, crying baby in the middle of the night is a living nightmare! I’m so stressed out after every night feeding, that I can’t fall asleep for a long time after it! I liked the idea to buy a water kettle for baby formula. It seems to be the best solution as these kettles can keep the bottle warm for up to 24 hours.


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