How to make a Pack n Play more Comfortable?

In this article, we are going to focus on how to make a pack-n-play more comfortable for your baby.

Many parents have a pack-n-play at home because it’s an excellent place for babies to sleep, relax, and play.

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However, pack n plays are not always comfortable. For instance, the pad that it comes with might be too rigid or hard.

If you notice your baby is uneasy in it, it is important to try and find ways how to make it more comfortable for them so that they can relax and sleep for longer.

So here are a few ways you can ensure your baby is more comfortable when in a pack-n-play.

How to make Pack n Play more comfortable

It is easy to make a few adjustments here and there in a pack n play to make sure it suits your baby’s needs. Some of the things you can do include:

Quilted pack n play sheets

Quilted pack n play sheets create a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for the baby thanks to the soft fabric.

The most popular are Graco Pack n Play quilted sheets, which are soft and very comfortable for the baby.

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They measure 27 by 39 inches and fit most pack n plays and not just the Graco play yards.

These quilted sheets are also easy to wash because you can use a machine to clean and dry them. This helps to ensure the pack n play is clean always clean, which protects the baby from dust.

Fitted cotton pack n play sheets

Fitted cotton pack n play sheets are placed over the crib mattress pad to make it more comfortable for the baby to lie on.

The sheets are made of jersey cotton, which not only soft on a baby’s sensitive skin but also warm and cozy.

This enables the baby to sleep for long hours peacefully in the pack n play.

The sheets can fit any standard pack n play, so you don’t have to worry even if you have a different brand.

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Mini crib mattress pad/pack n play mattress

The mini crib mattress pad has great features that make the little one more comfortable.

The Milliard 2-Inch Mattress pad comes highly rated.

It is soft, comfortable, breathable, and made of microfiber. This ensures your baby is exposed to a pleasant environment.

Most crib mattress pads are made from hypoallergenic material, so they are ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, they do not contain toxic chemicals that can irritate the baby.

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The mattress is waterproof, meaning spills or liquids will not soak it. This is attributed to high absorbency, which helps to manage the moisture and ensure the baby is comfortable.

It is also bacteria resistant and heat-safe.

However, failing to clean the spills and diaper leaks can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold and become a health risk.

Cleaning of mattress should not worry you since you can use a machine to wash and dry it. The mattress does not shrink or wrinkle. Also, it’s easier to maintain cleanliness because it resists stains.

Kids Mattress topper

Getting a mattress topper means you want your baby to have a high level of comfort when sleeping.

A good example is the Milliard Tri-Fold mattress topper for pack n play, which provides your baby with extra comfort and softness. 

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This topper is so firm even the baby feels like he is on mom’s or dad’s chest. It has elastic straps that prevent movement when your baby is asleep.

It doesn’t leave any gaps, making it safe for your little one. And due to its high quality, it can last for years without losing its original shape.

Most importantly, it meets all the consumer product safety commission requirements in that its content is nontoxic; hence, no harmful emissions.

DIY foam pad

If no mattress in the market can fit your pack n play or you are financially down, you can use a DIY form pad.

Simply take a 2-inch foam pad and cut it into four pieces. Consider the measurement of the pack n play mini-mattress pad to do this correctly.

After cutting the foam pad, arrange the four pieces on a play mat, and put them inside the pack n play.

To ensure the pieces stay together firmly, place a fitted pack n play sheet over the foam and the mat.

This will also ensure the foam pad remains flat without any gaps between the pieces.

Doing this will help your baby to be comfortable and relaxed in the pack n play.

Put a blanket under a fitted sheet

The mattress pad can be super hard, and some babies can find that very uncomfortable.

To make it softer yet firm, you can put a blanket under a fitted crib sheet.

However, for safety reasons, choose a blanket made from muslin because it is breathable compared to thick and quilted blankets.

Also, avoid blankets with strings and ribbons on the edges, especially during bedtime. The strings and ribbons can pause a strangulation risk to the baby.


Are you looking for different ways how to make a pack n play more comfortable? Then make sure you try any of the above options. 

However, it is important to note that before you buy any of the above products, you must have the right measurement for your pack n play.

Remember to take the dimensions with you when you go shopping. This guarantees that the mattress pad or topper you purchase will fit the pack n play snugly, without leaving any room for the baby to shift around within.

Have you learned anything from this article? Please tell other parents about it or discuss it in the comments if it is.


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