Huggies Pull-Ups: Best For Preschoolers & Daycare

Huggies Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides

Most preschool children are not fully potty trained, so ‘accidents’ occur quite often.  Therefore, it is very common for preschool or daycare teachers to ask parents to provide pull-ups with velcro sides rather than those with rip-away connections.

This type of pull-up makes it easier for teachers to change the kids in daycare. With the velcro sides, the teacher can simply put back on a clean pull-up without having to take off the kid’s pants plus the shoes and socks. Another advantage is that velcro sides can be readjusted and resealed, so they assist in potty training.

But what are pull-ups and how do they differ from diapers?

What difference between pull-ups and diapers

What are pull-ups?

Pull-ups are diapers (for lack of a better word) that have an elastic band around the waist, unlike the normal diapers that have velcro sides. However, some pull-ups have both the elastic waistband and the velcro sides, which we shall discuss in this article.

Some people also refer to pull-ups as training pants because they come in handy during potty training.  The elastic band makes it easy for toddlers to get the pull-ups on and off like normal pants; thereby, making it easy for them to use a potty.

Are pull-ups as absorbent as diapers?

Pull-ups tend to be more fitting and have less padding at the back, while diapers have more padding at the back. Based on this, pull-ups are said to be less absorbent than diapers since they are more prone to leaking.

But there are brands that claim their pull-ups are just as absorbent as diapers. Since they share the same absorbent substance, their absorbency is also equivalent.

The absorbency of both diapers and pull-ups seemed about the same to me, and that’s based on my experience with both for my kid.

I’m guessing you’ve used both pull-ups and diapers, so tell me about your experience. To what extent did the pull-ups leak compared to the diapers, or was it the other way around? You may share your thoughts in the section below.

Huggies pull-ups with velcro sides

There are a few brands of diapers that make pull-ups with velcros, such as Huggies, Parent’s Choice, Up & Up, and Walgreens. However, Huggies is the most common and popular brand.

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  • Huggies pull-ups are widely available in stores and come in a range of sizes for both girls and boys.
  • They have an elastic waistband that comes in handy when children learn how to use a potty. They can pull them on like normal pants or pull them down.
  • The Velcro sides make it easy for both teachers and parents to perform a quick potty check and change diapers compared to the pull-ups without the velcro sides.
  • The sides can also be resealed or readjusted in case they are loose or too tight on the baby.

Pull Ups Cool & Learn potty training pants

  • These pull-ups give your child a cooling sensation even when wet. This makes the child feel some gentle wetness similar to that of real underwear. This drives him/her to use the potty.
  • They come in different Disney graphics for girls and boys.
  • For boys, there is an added pad on the front to increase absorbency and allow all-around protection.
  • The Velcro sides are easy to open for quick changes.
  • The sides are stretchy to enable smooth pulling on or off like normal pants.
  • These pull-ups are meant to ease potty training even at night.
  • They have increased absorbency so as to prevent leaks when the toddler is sleeping.
  • The Velcro sides help with easy changes when it is necessary.
  • There is a unique pattern that fades away when the pull-up is wet.
  • They glow in the dark.
  • Come in different designs for girls and boys.

Pull Ups Learning Designs potty training pants

  • These pull-ups can be worn both in the daytime and at nighttime.
  • Their absorbency is similar to that of diapers.
  • They are meant to teach toddlers the concept of pulling up and down like normal underwear.
  • The Velcro sides can be fastened or readjusted to fit snugly.


Huggies pull-ups with Velcro sides are the most preferred pull-ups by preschool teachers and parents with children in daycare. This is because they enable quick checks and ease of changing compared to the usual pull-ups. They also help to train children to use the potty, and most children love them since they can pull them up and down with a lot of ease.


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