Is A Diaper Genie Worth It Or Really Necessary?

Is A Diaper Genie Worth It

Is a diaper genie worth it? Does it really keep the smell of dirty diapers locked away? If you are planning to buy a diaper genie, these are some of the questions you are likely to ask yourself prior to making a purchase decision.

Most people do not know that there is a difference between a diaper genie and a diaper pail. So when they ask whether a diaper genie is necessary, they are referring to all diaper disposal systems, including diaper pails.

So before we proceed, let us look at the difference between a diaper genie and a diaper pail.

Diaper genie vs Diaper pail, what is the difference?

A diaper genie is simply a brand name that refers to a diaper disposal system that was created by John Hall. An example of this is the Playtex diaper genie, which has different variations such as diaper genie elite, complete, and expressions.

A diaper pail, on the other hand, is a term that refers to all types of diaper disposal systems, including the diaper genie.

Both diaper pails and diaper genies have a large plastic or steel container with a lid.

To create a diaper disposal system, a diaper liner or refill is usually fixed into the genie or pail, leaving an opening through which dirty diapers are squished. This is what helps in concealing odor.

Diaper genies and pails do not have to be emptied every day. They can accommodate several diapers before emptying.

So, do you still need a diaper genie or pail? Let’s look at some of the reasons why you may or may not need a diaper genie.

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Is a diaper genie worth it?

There are several benefits of disposing of dirty diapers in a diaper genie or pail and a few cons, as we shall discuss below.

Pros – why a diaper genie is necessary

  • Locks in bad smell

A diaper genie does a pretty good job of locking in odor from the diapers and keeping the nursery smelling fresh.

  • Convenient

Dirty diapers can really stink. If you don’t have a diaper genie, you may have to keep going outside the house to dispose of a poopy diaper because if you throw it in the kitchen trash can, the whole house will start to stink.

But a diaper genie can hold as many as 30 diapers before emptying, so you don’t have to keep running outside all the time.

  • Health Safety

When you through a poopy diaper in the kitchen trash can, it releases a toxic and very bad smell every time you open it. Worse still, it is in the kitchen where you prepare your meals.

Also, kids can easily open the trash can in the kitchen and stick their hands inside if there is no child-lock protection device. As a result, it’s dangerous to the public’s health to discard diapers in the trash.

However, a diaper genie does a great job of keeping the diaper closed and the stink within. In addition, most of them feature a child-lock safety device to stop kids from accidentally releasing the genie or pail’s contents.

Cons of having a diaper genie

  • Cost of refills

Some diaper pails are designed to use a reusable garbage bag rather than proprietary refills. This means they save on cost. However, a diaper genie is expensive to maintain since it can only use special refills.

  • Absorbs smell

A diaper genie is made of plastic, which is porous. Thus, over time, the genie absorbs the bad smell from the diapers and starts to stink.

Frequent emptying and occasional cleaning of the genie with baking soda and vinegar can help to prevent it from smelling awful.

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So is a diaper genie worth it? In my opinion, Yes. It helps to lock in the bad smell and keep the house odor-free. It is convenient and does not put your family’s health at risk. A major drawback of a diaper genie is that it uses special refill bags. If this is a problem for you, you can get a diaper pail that uses garbage bags, as we reviewed in our previous article.

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