Is Stroller Allowed in International Flight?

Is the stroller allowed on an international flight? This is a common question among parents when planning to travel with their kids.

Moving around with young children at the airport can be challenging more so when one is carrying a lot of luggage.

This is why you definitely need a stroller even at the airport.

In case you have more than one kid, a folding wagon or a double stroller may come in handy to ease movement with the children.

However, the question that tends to linger among most parents is will I be allowed to bring the stroller on an international flight?

In this article, we shall focus on answering this question as well as other similar questions relating to taking strollers on a plane.

traveling with a stroller

Is a stroller allowed on an international flight?

To answer this question, yes, most international airlines allow strollers.

The managing directors are people too and understand how challenging it is to travel with children.

However, it is important to note that different airlines have different policies and regulations regarding strollers.

For instance, American Airlines allow only one stroller per passenger, which is checked for free. They check strollers less than 20lbs at the gate before boarding while the larger ones over 20lbs are checked at the ticket counter. AA also allows one car seat per passenger.

In contrast, United Airlines has a policy of checking all foldable strollers at the gate and all other strollers at the counter.

As a result, you can rest assured that most airlines will allow you to check your stroller at no extra cost. Yet, certain airlines may impose fees for oversized strollers, prompting the question, “What kind of stroller can you carry on a plane?”

What kind of stroller can I take on a plane?

The choice of stroller you opt to take to the plane must have certain features that make it easier to bring along and put away when flying. Thus, a good travel stroller should be lightweight, compact, foldable or collapsible, and very portable.

  • Compact fold and collapsible

You need a stroller that has a compact fold so that it is more convenient to carry and fit anywhere on the plane.

Is Stroller Allowed in International Flight

Some travel strollers fold up so small that they can fit in a stroller bag and store in an overhead bin or compartment. This makes it convenient for you when you reach your destination since you don’t have to wait for it at the jet bridge.

However, you don’t have to worry if your stroller is not collapsible or foldable. Since it will take up more space, the airline personnel at the gate will take it to the cargo hold after it’s checked. Once you reach your destination, the stroller will be handed over to you at the conveyor belt or you can request it.

  • Lightweight and Portable

Is Stroller Allowed in International FlightA good travel stroller also needs to be lightweight so that you can be able to carry it from one point to another at the airport when not in use.

It also makes it easy for you to comfortably board the plane with it in the stroller bag thus you will not have to check it with baggage.


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How to protect stroller when flying

Strollers are very delicate so extra care should be taken during a flight to protect them from damage.

There are several ways through which you can ensure your stroller is well protected when flying. For instance, you can use a stroller bag or plastic bag and ensure the stroller is stored on the plane rather than in the baggage area.

  • Using a stroller bag

In case you have never heard of a stroller bag, it is a specially designed bag meant for carrying the stroller when traveling.

Most stroller bags are designed by the respective stroller brands. For example, you can get a B-Agile Britax bag for a Britax stroller.

However, some like J.L Childress Gate Check Bag have a universal fit and can be used for both single and double strollers irrespective of brand.

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It is advisable to choose a padded stroller bag to protect the stroller from damage and scratches when in transit.

  • Storing the stroller on the plane

Collapsible strollers that fold really small are allowed in the plane and may be considered part of your carry-on luggage. This allows you to keep it in the overhead compartment where it is safe and not exposed to damage.

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Can I check a stroller without a child?

Yes, it is possible but it comes with some changes since it cannot be counted as extra allowable luggage.

Can I check a stroller without a child

An infant ticket comes along with an allowance for extra luggage considered for the child’s personal use and convenience during travel.

When the passenger checks in without a child and the airline regard this as extra cargo which should fetch revenue for the airline.

The best thing is to make it portable by putting it in stroller bags to cut down on charges since the heavier and bulky it would be, the more the charges. Putting it in bags protects them from damage

Do you need a bag to gate-check a stroller?

Yes, it is necessary to have a bag so that the size can be smaller.

When the stroller is not folded it occupies a larger space that comes with its own cost since it will be sent to the baggage for collection after landing. It may also get damaged unlike when one boards the plane with it in the bag.

It is common practice for international airlines to allow passengers to bring their own trolleys free of charge, provided that the trolleys are small enough to fit under the passenger’s seat.

When checked at the gate, the stroller will be considered (unlike when it is not) if it is contained within the bag.

Can I take a foldable wagon on a plane?

Yes, foldable wagons can be checked at the gate though large ones cannot just like strollers.

Some parents take flights with more than one child and strollers may not come in handy since a stroller is for use by one child. They would require a spacious wagon for the purpose.

It is advisable to have them folded to small sizes to avoid extra charges since larger sizes have additional charges.

Airline representatives are able to give directives on whether they should be checked at the check-in counter or at the gate. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have them tagged for quick identification after landing.


Children’s strollers and foldable wagons help parents while at the airport with children.

A lot of movement is involved at the airport before boarding flights and after landing. It is advisable to do great considerations when planning to buy them.

They come in different types and it is wise to buy what favors the parent as a passenger during the flight.

The simple portable ones are the most preferred since they do not occupy a large space. It is worth noting that most of them do not come with their bags, so buying a bag in advance is a good option.


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