Puj Tub vs Puj Flyte: Best Baby Bathtub For Sink 2023

Bath time should be your baby’s time to relax and enjoy being in the water. It should also be a stress-free experience for you.

If you are just recovering from delivery, the last thing you should do is bend. This is why you need a baby sink tub that is simply placed in the sink and allows you to bath the baby while standing.

Two of the best-rated baby sink tubs are Puj Tub vs Puj Flyte. If you are looking to purchase either of these, read on to see the unique features that make each tub unique.

Puj Tub Review

The Puj Tub is innovative bathing support for babies, which is made from a soft form. It was introduced by a couple that had four children who understood that bath time comes with its fair share of stress especially when your baby is a newborn. It is an easy product to use that does not need to be assembled before use.

Unique features

The Puj Tub is flexible and collapsible. It can mold itself to perfectly fit a wide range of standard bathroom or kitchen sinks or lay flat to ease storage.

This tub can fit into a sink that is about 16 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.

The foam construction is non-absorbent. This makes it easy to clean since the tub does not soak in water. It cleans easily with only water and soap.

This tub cannot develop mold or mildew since it does not absorb water. So, when your tub is in storage, you do not need to be concerned about mold forming on it.

Puj Tub’s plushness and softness make the baby feel warm and safe when bathing. Because the baby is shielded from the cold, hard sink, there is a sense of security. In fact, some newborns find this tub to be so cozy that they doze off during bath time.

Most importantly, this tub is made from BPA and PVC-free. It has two small openings on the side to prevent the overflowing of water. So the Puj Tub is very safe for use at home.

The bottom of the tub has magnets, which hold it securely on the sink. Thus, there is no sliding all over the sink as you bath the baby.

Who is the Puj Flyte Tub best for?

This tub is best for parents with limited space and moms recovering from delivery and C-section.

You will like the fact that it is: Lightweight, Easy to clean, Great for small spaces, Fast drying, Mold, and mildew resistant, BPA and PVC free, and has No-slip magnets at the base.

However,  it is a bit pricey compared to Puj Flyte and the Baby outgrows it by 6 months or at 17lbs

Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath Review

Puj Flyte is a one-piece and foldable baby tub that does not need to be assembled or adjusted.

This makes it one of the simplest baby tubs that can be used in a wide range of sink sizes. Since it is foldable, it is easy to pack when traveling or fold and store it after bathing to be used another day.

Unique Features

Puj Flyte baby tub is made from a soft foam material that cradles and protects the baby during the bath. The foam is BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free. So you can rest assured that your baby is in safe ‘hands’ when using this bathtub.

It is designed to fit a wide range of countertops and pedestal sinks. However, it fits perfectly in a sink that is about 4-6 inches deep, 16-19 inches wide, and 11-13 inches long.

In case you forget to dry the tub after bathing the baby, no mold or mildew will form on it since the tub is resistant to cold as well as mildew.

The Flyte tub is very easy to clean. Once the baby is through with bathing, take a soft cloth and mild soap and clean the tub then rinse with clean water and dry it.

Most importantly, the grippy texture at the base ensures the tub is held securely onto the sink. So if you have a wiggly baby, there is no risk of the tub sliding when he or she bathing.

Still, on safety, there are two openings on either side of the tub to allow water to flow out so that it does not overflow and cause drowning. This also allows for a constant flow of warm water from the tap so that your baby does not get cold.

Well when it comes to storage, you can choose to hang it on a hook since it has a hole for this or fold it and store it where you find it appropriate. If traveling, the compact size when folded allows it to fit even in a small suitcase.

Who is the Puj Flyte Tub best for?

This tub is best for newborn babies in a home with limited space and parents who love traveling.

Moreover, it is lightweight, not absorbent, Durable and long-lasting, Easy to clean, Can be customized to fit a wide range of sink sizes, Very Soft, has a Grippy texture at the base, and no assembly or adjustment is required.

However, the Baby outgrows by 6 months or at 17lbs and it can only be used in a sink (not a bathtub)

Puj Tub vs Puj Flyte comparison

As you have already noted above, Puj Tub and Puj Flyte are very similar and have very minimal differences. So when choosing one between the two, you have to consider these differences and how they fit into your needs.

To start with, although both are designed to fit into a wide range of sink sizes, the Puj Tub fits only certain sinks. For instance, it does not fit in a wide sink since it has to be supported by the sink in order to fit securely. So, you should remember to measure your sink (bathroom and kitchen) before making a purchase.

Another difference is that the Puj Tub can fit into a sink that is 9 inches deep while Puj Flyte can only fit into one that is 6 inches deep. Thus, the Tub is deeper than the Flyte. Thus, if your sink is deep enough, the Puj Tub would be more suitable than the Flyte.

On the other hand, Puj Flyte can fit perfectly into a 19 inches wide sink hence it has a wider construction than the Puj Tub, which can only fit into a 15 inches wide sink.

Due of its ability to be expanded or folded to fit a sink of a specific size, the Puj Tub is extremely adaptable. The Flyte tub, on the other hand, is a one-size-fits-all since it cannot be folded or enlarged. Even yet, it can be folded for storage and transportation, in contrast to the Puj Tub, which can only be stored flat and cannot be folded, making it difficult to transport.


Whichever you pick between Puj Tub vs Puj Flyte, both are great products for use after delivery, especially for c-sections moms. They allow you to bath the baby at a hip level without bending, squatting, or leaning, which is highly discouraged after delivery.

They are both lightweight and easy to clean and store. Most importantly, they are ideal for homes with limited spaces and are way better than bathing your baby in the cold hard bathroom or kitchen sink.

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