The 10 Best Sippy Cups to Buy in 2023

Deliberating on which sippy cup to buy can seem quite strange to people who are not parents, but for all moms and dads out there, it is pretty clear that choosing the perfect sippy cup can be quite a serious undertaking.

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Sippy Cup

Ideally, a sippy cup would ease the transition from breast milk or formula to water in a cup. The cup needs to be secure in the hand, simple to use, and risk-free for consumption.

There will be less time spent cleaning up spills and other messes with a high-quality sippy cup. We put several sippy cups through their paces to narrow down the best options for you.

Based on the results of our leakage and cleanliness testing, we chose the best options. Some that have convenient additions like detachable handles and others were also considered.

Here is our list of the greatest sippy cups which you can buy in 2023.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup, Green/Blue, 7 Ounce

This sippy cup is truly a miracle, as you can say goodbye to any kind of spill thanks to its ingenious design.


  • The 360-degree drinking edge doesn’t allow for any spills whatsoever
  • The trainer cup’s leak proof valve will seal itself automatically as soon as your child stops drinking
  • The handles are comfortable and easy to hold even by the tiniest of hands
  • It is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean
  • The cup is approved by pediatric dentists
  • It is suitable for all ages
  • Excellent first cup for babies, it will teach them to drink water from a cup

We recommend this Munchkin Miracle sippy cup to all new moms and dads who know how frustrating it is to have to deal with a baby as well as with other chores such as cleaning up spills or spending precious minutes trying to clean and wash utensils perfectly. Its design will ensure that your little one stays dry and clean even after its first attempts at drinking from a cup.

The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups

These amazingly affordable sippy cups can be used over and over again, or be treated as disposable cups depending on your needs.


  • They are durable to be reused but cheap enough to be thrown away as disposables
  • The spill-proof lids and the cups are easy to clean
  • These cups come in fun colors and yet are see-through so you can monitor the quantity of water or milk left at all times
  • An added bonus travel cap is sold with the package
  • They are suitable for toddlers aged 9 months and up
  • The lids can be interchanged with those of most other Take & Toss products
  • Both the lids and the cups are easily stackable so you will save a lot of space
  • PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free
  • Made of recyclable materials, so don’t worry about recycling them
  • You get 4 of these sippy cups and lids at an incredibly low price

You won’t need to worry about accidentally forgetting a sippy cup in the park or anywhere else with these Take & Toss leak-proof sippy cups. They are so affordable that you can simply recycle them instead of washing and reusing them. Yet, they are well-made, safe, and leak-proof. Perfect for children aged 9 months or older.

Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup, Blue, 10 Ounce

If you want to keep your baby away from plastic, you should try out this superb Miracle stainless steel sippy cup from Munchkin.


  • Made of safe and durable stainless steel
  • The lip activated lid and rim are recommended by dentists for proper muscle development of the mouth
  • A 360-degree drinking edge allows the baby to drink from any side, without any spills
  • Comes with an on-the-go lid to protect the cup from dust
  • The cup is insulated, so the temperature of the water, milk, or juice will remain the same for hours
  • Dishwasher safe with no difficult to clean parts or valves
  • Spill-proof design thanks to the automatic valve closing

Final verdict:

This is an excellent option for parents who worry about their children eating and drinking food that has contact with plastic. It is very easy to clean and keep sanitary. Your child will enjoy the ease of use of this cup. And you will enjoy just how cleaner the entire process of teaching the baby to drink from a cup will become!

NUK Jungle Designs Large Learner Cup in Patterns, Boy, 10-Ounce

This cute sippy cup is pretty similar to our previous choice, but it is bigger. You will be very happy if you choose the NUK Fashion Hearts Learner10 ounce cup. It is marketed as made for boys, but it is actually great for little girls too.


  • Designed like a bottle to make the transition from bottle to cup much easier
  • Spill-proof spout
  • The silicone spout will not hurt the baby’s gums or first teeth
  • Large capacity of 10 ounces
  • The handles are easy to grip and do not slip, plus you can remove them as the child grows
  • Made for babies which are 6 months of age or older
  • Easy flow of the water or milk and air vents to prevent the baby from swallowing air
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A very cute design

We love this spill-proof, cute NUK sippy cup, and so will your baby! It is petty large, so you can use of months ahead as your baby grows. It is easy on the gums and teeth and will help your baby learn to drink independently from a cup very easily.

Re-Play Made in the USA 3 No-Spill Sippy Cups

These Re-Play sippy cups are not only good for your baby, but they are good for the environment as well.


  • Made of recycled milk jugs, FDA approved, free from BPA, PVC, Melamine, and Phthalate
  • No-spill design will save you a lot of time and effort in cleaning and washing
  • Colorful options
  • Easy to clean one-piece silicone valve
  • Can safely be washed in a dishwasher
  • The set includes 3 cups of 10 oz. each with valves
  • All products are transported from the warehouse of company directly with no added retail packaging which helps the environment and also reduces the cost of the products
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfectly sustainable, eco-friendly products – you will feel great that you and your baby are helping our environment

Final verdict:

You will literally never have to deal with spilled milk and juice thanks to the ingenious design of these sippy cups. They are eco-friendly, FDA tested and approved, free of any harmful plastic and other substance. Plus, they look great, take just a few minutes to clean and come in a set of 3!

NUK Disney Learner Cup with Silicone Spout, Mickey Mouse

This is another favorite sippy cup from NUK. Make your baby happy with a fun Mickey Mouse-adorned sippy cup, and save yourself the hassle of having to clean up constantly while your child learns how to drink from a cup.


  • Very cute design – suitable for boys and for girls
  • Made for 6-month-olds and up
  • The specially designed silicone spout resembles a bottle, which will make it easier for your baby to get used to
  • A completely spillproof design will keep your home and your baby clean and dry
  • An air vent is added to reduce the air swallowed by the baby
  • The drink will flow easily when it is sipped
  • Comes with easy to clean, removable handles, lid, spout, and cap
  • 5 oz.
  • Dishwasher safe

Final words:

This cup will make both you and your baby happy. It is cute and very well designed. The baby will quickly adapt to drinking from this cup thanks to the design of the silicone spout. It is easy to clean and is completely spill-proof, so you can rest assured that you won’t need to clean up a mess after each sip.

You don’t have to worry about messes as your child learns to drink from a cup since the NUK Learner Cup is spill-proof. The cup also includes a cap to help keep the spout clean and germ-free when you’re on the go. Plus its BPA-free, making it safe for your little one.

Koverz for Kids – #1 Neoprene Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup

OK, so this is not exactly a sippy cup, but it is what each and every other sippy cup needs! This neoprene cover for bottles and cups will keep the mess away and keep the temperature of the drink consistent for a long.


  • The neoprene cover will fit nearly all 8 to 12 oz. sippies and bottles
  • The 3.5mm thick neoprene acts as a perfect thermos insulator and will maintain the temperature of the baby’s drink for hours.
  • It helps absorb any condensation or spills.
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • The pack includes 4 Koverz with Airplanes, Pirates, Alligators, Cars, and Helicopters.

Final verdict:

This is a must-have baby accessory, which will help keep your baby bottles and sippy cups clean, dry, and properly insulated. The designs are colorful and fun, and the covers themselves are durable and easy to wash. You will love your Koverz – and so will your little one.

Gerber Graduates Nickelodeon Blaze & The Monster Machines

These colorful sippy cups will grab the attention of your baby or toddler immediately. Thankfully for you, they are spill-proof and extremely easy to clean. So, it’s a win-win situation.


  • Colorful Nickelodeon graphics which every baby or child will love
  • Double-wall insulated to keep the drink cool
  • 100% breakproof and spill-proof, means that even if your toddler enjoys throwing everything, you will have no problems with this sippy cup
  • A large 9-ounce capacity
  • The hard spout is bite resistant and easy to clean and will help your baby learn to use a cup very easily and quickly
  • A flow control valve for easy sipping
  • No BPA, dishwasher safe
  • The set includes two of these cups at a great price

Final verdict:

This is a perfect training cup for those who want to stop with the endless mopping up and cleaning of spilled milk and juice from just about everywhere. It is also virtually unbreakable, so you don’t need to worry about your child dropping or throwing it. There are two cups included in this wonderful bundle, and you can be sure that your child or children will love their colorful designs immediately.

NUK Fashion Hearts Learner Cup, 5-Ounce

If you are looking for a sippy cup that will help your baby make its first steps in drinking for a cup, this NUK Learner cup is an outstanding choice.


  • Designed to make the transition from drinking from a breast or bottle to a cup easier
  • The special soft silicone spout is shaped like a bottle, is gentle on the gums and teeth, and is spill-proof
  • The air vent will limit air swallowing
  • Anti-slip handles which are easy to grip, and can be removed
  • Made for babies which are at least 6 months old
  • Easy flow during the sipping
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher, but can also be hand washed easily
  • Lovely design suitable for girls
  • BPA free

This sippy cup is simply perfect for babies aged 6 months or older. It will feel familiar and will easily teach them to drink from a cup. It is easy to clean and has comfy removable handles, so you can use the cup as the child grows too. It is designed to be spill-proof too. This NUK cup is definitely one of the top sippy cups we have stumbled upon.

Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup 10-Ounce, 2 pcs

This is another mess-free sippy cup that is perfect for babies aged 6 months and up.


  • A special bite-resistant spout will help teach your baby to drink water from a cup
  • The innovative Seal Zone technology guarantees that there will be no spills, leaks, or breaking
  • You have a personalized area on the cup for the name of your precious one
  • Dishwasher friendly with an easy to clean and mold-free valve
  • BPA free and made of all safe materials
  • The textured material of the cup makes it very easy to grip and hold, even for babies and toddlers
  • The special hourglass shape keeps the cup from tipping
  • Sold in a pack of 2, which is super convenient, as you can have one available while the other one is being washed
  • Perfect for children aged 6 months and up

You will have more time to spend with your baby, instead of dealing with cleaning up spills and washing messed-up clothes thanks to the Gerber Graduates sippy cups. You get 2 unbreakable, spill and leak-proof cups in one package, and you will truly appreciate how easy it will be for your baby to take its first independent sips from a cup with the help of these sippy cups.

Final Words

Moving on from breastfeeding or from the bottle to a cup is one of the first important milestones of your baby. This is why you should do your best to make this transition as easy for you and for the child as possible.

If you get a high-quality sippy cup, your kid will have no trouble transitioning to regular cups. This method will also guarantee that the beverage will remain undisturbed in the cup at all times.

You and the infant will both benefit from this.

To be ideal, a sippy cup should not only be comfortable in the hand but also be resistant to breakage and spillage.

In addition, it needs to be made in a way that is consistent with what dentists advise.

A transitional sippy cup should be used for a baby between the ages of four and six months. These are the kind that are comfortable to hold onto thanks to their ergonomic designs (often featuring handles) and their gentle pouring spouts.

Babies which are 6 to 12 months old can use spout, spotless, or straw sippy cups. You should choose a cup which your child can hold with one hand at this point.

Once your child turns 1, you can move on to a cup without handles, as your toddler will no doubt be more capable of holding on to its cup at this point. Curved and hourglass-shaped sippy cups are perfect for children aged 12 to 18 months.

Hopefully, you have found your perfect sippy cup in our list of the greatest sippies for 2023.

Good luck with your choice, and we truly hope that both you and your precious little one will be happy with this purchase!


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