Best 9 Star Projectors for 2023 – Bringing The Cosmos Into Your Home

Star Projector

Our universe has always been fascinating to people of all ages, especially kids at an early age, willing to understand and learn more and more about it.

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You can always go to a planetarium to look at the sky, but now there is a more affordable option – buy a star projector and look at the stars all you want at the comfort of your own home! We have all grown up with glowing stars on our ceilings, but with the innovation of these devices, you can bring the whole universe into your house.

In this article, you will find the most wanted star projectors currently on the market – that way, you can make an informed decision when deciding to buy one. Because of the vast availability of projectors, you need to look at the pros and cons of each one and read the reviews before buying one.

What are the best star projectors?

There is a wide variety of star projectors available to buy – most of them are considered affordable and suitable for all ages. All of the star projectors have different features, depending on how many images they can project, the colors with which they operate, and whether they have a timer and rotation. Some of the projectors do stand out when browsing through the options, and you can find the perfect ones currently on the market in this article.

Blisslights Sky Lite Laser Projector

This patent-protected device uses direct laser diodes to project bold and vivid colors. The projector’s stars laser instantly projects a field of drifting green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud.

This star projector is the industry leader in laser lighting, and it uses only the highest quality lasers and superior holograms, and it has the same energy-efficient technology used in theme park lighting.

The nebula clouds this стар projector provides create the perfect atmosphere – romantic and relaxing, suitable for all ages – whether you want to use it for soothing your kid to fall asleep, for yourself if you’re having issues sleeping, or use it as the perfect gift!

The Skylite laser has a built-in six-hour timer and is operating in temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.

The simple use of the buttons makes it easy to adjust the brightness, cycle through the light effects, or start/stop the motion.

The star projector is highly functional – you can use it in your home, but it is also the perfect addition to parties, weddings, and holidays. You can enjoy it as a unique night light, for dining under the stars, or just to create a relaxing spa-like environment in your home.

In the package, you will find a three-foot AC adapter cord used to power the star projector.

Lickkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

This is Amazon’s current choice for toddler night lights, perfectly suitable for helping your child be calm and fall asleep faster. Lickkid Multifunctional is one of the Homestar classic projectors reviewers recommend.

Affordable, compact, and perfect to use in bedrooms – this is one of the best star projectors. It will give you the relaxed atmosphere you have dreamt of all along. You can also use it for different events – birthday parties, celebrations – the light projector stars of this device will be magical to your guests.

This projector is a multifunctional item – you can either use it as a night light with the cover on or as a night light star projector when removing the cover. You can also power it either by a USB cable, using an ac adapter, or batteries, whichever is more accessible for you.

It has five rotatable optional films – constellations, magical planet, starry star, an undersea world, and happy birthday – you can also pick the light for your wall/ceiling – there are five different styles. You or your child can always put the one you are in the mood for watching with the various films. The movie’s changing is quite easy, with pictures on the instruction guide as to how to do that.

This star projector also has six different lighting effects – blue, yellow, white, sequential, slow fade, and combination – you can easily set the effect and the light brightness by pressing just one button on the projector. The images are not bright enough to awaken your eyes, so you needn’t worry about looking at the ceiling all night long without falling asleep.

This multifunctional night light star projector is the perfect gift for a child’s bedroom – especially if they are scared of the dark or having problems falling asleep. With a 360 degree rotation, the light and images create a relaxed atmosphere, making the kids feel at ease.

However, some buyers complain that the projector is quite noisy when rotating the images, but that is in most cases because of people’s different hearing, meaning some people pay attention to very light noises.

On the downside, the USB cable provided in the box doesn’t last more than a few months in some rare cases.

Lickkid Baby Night Light Moon star projector

This star projector is the other Amazon’s choice for kids’ lights and is very similar to the projector reviewed above – it is also another Homestar classic. You can either use this item as a night lamp or a star projector – the views are warm and soft and won’t stimulate the children’s eyes and affect their sleep.

This star lights projector has eight modes with four pieces of LED beads with different projector star lights – yellow, blue, red, and green. They are easily interchangeable, just with the pressing of one button on the item itself. You could simply pick the color that relaxes your eyes more and set it.

You can also power it with either batteries or a USB cable, but not the same at the same time, so you needn’t worry about an electric shock.

This star projector creates your ceiling into a night sky just with the pressing of one button – the shooting stars can be static or rotating, if you want, depending on which setting will get you to fall asleep faster.

The simplicity of the item makes it suitable for kids to use, so you won’t need to worry they will somehow damage the projector.

Unfortunately, this star projector doesn’t have a sleep timer, which is a complaint some of the customers make – you have to turn it off manually when you want.

Another downside of the projector is that it doesn’t have a remote control, so you will need to switch every function by going to the device itself.

Moredig Night light projector

The perfect starlight projector for calming and soothing your mind and putting your baby to sleep is the Moredig Night light projector – coming with all kinds of different functions, it is one of the most common choices customers pick.

This home planetarium is quite straightforward to use; it also comes in two colors – black/white or blue/white.

It is coming with a remote control that allows you to control the night light, colorful light, music, timer, and projection distance mode from up to 5 meters. This projector starlight is effortless to use by adults and children, as well.

You can also power it with either a USB cord, which is provided in the package or with aa batteries – whichever you decide for your home.

It has a built-in timer – you can set it between 5-500 minutes, and the projector will turn off automatically – you don’t need to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

The timer comes in handy when you are just so tired that you can’t even get out of bed, set it to turn off after 30 minutes, and you are all set!

It has two projections – the starry sky or the animal world; you can easily pick whichever your child likes more. The night sky consists of –stars, moons, astronauts, orbs, rockets, radar, and UFOs. And the animal world is made of elephants, foxes, rabbits, fawns, lions, zebras, flowers, and grass.

With the two projections available, your child will be more informed about the environment surrounding us without even picking up a book. The movies are bright and engaging, yet they are making your eyes heavy, causing us to fall asleep faster.

It again has nine modes of lights combined – red, green, blue, and warm white – you can easily pick your favorite color.

Amazingly, it comes with 12 built-in songs you can play while looking at the sky, allowing for the body to relax even further and have a good night’s sleep.

Aurora Night Light Projector

This home planetarium is one of the favorite star projectors – it has seven night light modes with warm colors and adjustable brightness – you can find the perfect light, so your kid won’t sleep in a dark room, but it also won’t be bright enough to make him too engaged with the views.

The fantastic thing about this star projector is that it also plays six soothing sounds – white noise, ocean waves, summer night, thunder, brook, and rain – perfect for easing your consciousness and filtering surrounding distractions.

You can forget about the noises coming from outside – people talking, cars going up and down the street – the sounds from the projector will relax your body, tricking you into believing you are sleeping right under the sky. The soft tones are perfect for creating that ideal sleep environment – making you fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.

The projector has a built-in Bluetooth speaker – connect your phone with it, and you can play all your favorite playlists and songs. That way, even if you don’t like the star projector’s lullabies, you can always play your favorite tune from your favorite playlist.

The Aurora Night light projector also has an auto-off sleep timer function – you can set it for one, two, or four hours or you can let it play all night long. That way, you don’t need to worry about getting up in the middle of the night, disturbing your sleep, to turn off the device.

Coming with remote control that is incredibly easy to use – safe to be operated by kids as well. You can adjust the starlights, sounds, brightness, volume, and timer, which can come in handy. If you are in the living room, wanting to turn down the volume of the music in your kids’ room, you needn’t go to the room itself to do that.

As well as the other pros, you can use this star projector as a white noise machine only. If you need only white noise, without images or light, you can easily pick this option out of the device itself or from the remote control.

It’s worth mentioning that this is Amazon’s choice for a “sound and light machine for kids,” and it comes with a 1-year warranty if you keep the proof of purchase.

This star projector has, without a doubt, a lot of pros, but the one con worth mentioning is that some of the features may stop working after a few months. Also, the displays aren’t as bright as shown on the box.

This star projector also runs on a USB cord only, so you need to have a socket nearby or run with a power bank.

Projectables six image LED plug-in night light

This product is quite different from the others reviewed, but it is still one of the best options to buy – it is most suitable for children. You will just need a socket nearby to plug it in.

It has six different images that rotate, including the Solar System Planet Earth, Moon, Safari, Aquarium, and Coral Reef. With this projector, you can not only choose the stars to look at but all the different natural wonders as well.

Most children are fascinated by stars, and this projector gives the ones who take an interest in deserts or seas a chance to look at them at their own ceiling in their private room.

It is light-sensing, cool to the touch, and it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. It is perfectly safe to leave it overnight – so you don’t need to think about that when leaving it to work.

With its soft, energy-efficient LED lights, you can have an even bigger variety of images to look at – whether on your ceiling, floor, or wall. The views are bright enough that the photos will be clear, but not so bright, so your child will have trouble falling asleep.

AnanBros Kids Night light

Another home star classic, with a beautiful design, this star projector comes with a remote – working from up to 32 feet of distance, melodies, and different features – you can also pick whether you want a black one or a cyan one.

With a built-in timer, you can set up to 999 minutes for turning off – which, as mentioned to the previous star projectors with timers, is quite useful.

The big plus of this item is that it has a built-in memory card with 128M, is removable, and is loaded with 12 different soothing tracks that will inevitably put you to sleep immediately. You can also change the lullabies in the memory card and add tunes that help you relax.

With its 360 degrees of silent rotation – you won’t even hear it during the night – and the nine different color options, it is the perfect gift for either a child scared of the dark or an adult that have trouble falling asleep. The star projector is by far the one, which has the most colors available to change – so if you want your ceiling to look a little bit more flashy, this could be the perfect projector for you.

Scopow Star projector night light for kids

This night light star projector, coming in black or white, offers eight different color modes, and it has four built-in LED bulbs – red, green, blue, and warm yellow.

The star projector is designed with a silent motor that has a degree rotation of 360, allowing your kids to fall asleep faster with no noise coming from the device. That way you don’t need to worry that your children will suddenly wake up from any harsh noise coming from the device.

Easy to use, comes with a sleep timer you can set from 5 to 95 minutes – set it to the most appropriate time to turn off. It is powered by either batteries or a USB cord, coming in the package – you can pick what option will be the right for you.

The Scopow star projector will work as a night lamp if you leave the dome on – you can sit by your kids’ bed, reading them fairytales with the perfect light.

Some of the users that have purchased this item and have dogs comment on how fun it Is to watch their furry friends follow the rotating stars – so if you own an animal, this star projector will add to the fun of the house.

On the downside, it doesn’t come with a remote, but the buttons on the projector itself are quite straightforward; A is for the timer, B is to control rotation, C is to change the colors, and D is for the night light.

Jomst Star projector

This home planetarium features 13 lighting colors and 13 lighting modes. You can choose between the ocean ware mode or the moon and star mode – or even more enjoyable – you can select both of them together. You will experience the starry lights as never before – on your wall, and ceiling – the high-resolution stars and clouds will float all around you.

The LED lights allow the body to relax. They are bright enough to show the stars on the ceiling but not bright enough to harm and awake the eyes and not affect sleep. You can also decide whether you want the lights to be rotating or static – whichever you prefer. This star projector light will trick you into believing you are sleeping under the night sky.

The most amazing feature this star projector has is that it has a voice control mode. When you play a song, it will automatically sync the rhythm of the music with the switching and flashing of the stars. This way you can enjoy the perfect romantic evening with your partner.

You can also use the night lamp with its warm colors that will accompany your baby to fall asleep faster without glaring.

This star projector helps develop children’s talents and creativity, as well as stimulate their interest in astronomy.

The perfect star projector for a gift – whether for adults or children, every customer has been left extremely satisfied with the product.

How much is a star projector?

The products reviewed in this article have quite similar pricing and are all pretty affordable -ranging from $13 at the cheapest and $37 to the most expensive one.

The price directly affects the different features the projectors provide – the colors in which it can show the images, whether it has a sleep timer, if there is image rotation or if they can play music, as well as show the photos.

The more expensive projectors come with a remote for changing the functions as well as having more colors to show the stars. The cheaper projectors are quite basic – no remote control, fewer images, and modes for changing the colors, and no music.

On the plus side, if you want to create your bedroom or your children’s room into a night sky with stars and planets, you will need to spend a little under $40 to do so. This is quite a good deal, considering if you want to go to a planetarium, you need to spend a lot more money than that – just for a one-time visit!

Is Galaxy star a projector?

The Galaxy star is a projector, and it has all of the functions and options that the reviewed products so far have. One of their best models is the Galaxy Battlestar.

Its revolving base and compass-point alignments make the stars on the ceiling appear magical and genuine, giving the impression that you are standing directly beneath the night sky.

The soothing lighting is ideal for setting up a romantic bedroom or promoting faster and deeper sleep for your kids.

It contains a Bluetooth speaker so you can pair it with your phone and listen to your favorite music while admiring the stars.

The lights may be adjusted and are available in a variety of hues, most frequently yellow, white, and blue. You can choose the ideal brightness level for your thoughts to drift away by adjusting the brightness so that it is neither too bright nor too dim.

Are star projectors good for babies?

All the products reviewed here are suitable for kids of all ages, including babies and toddlers.

Babies often need to fall asleep with a night lamp on because they are frightened by the dark. In addition to that, we all know that young kids have problems falling asleep, and there is nothing worse for a parent to try to calm down their baby for hours to an end.

The projectors are quite good at creating a romantic atmosphere with your partner, but their most common usage is for kids – the rotation of the stars and the color combinations fascinate them.

The dim images soothe the baby and relax its mind, making them enchanted with the different stars on the ceiling. The rotating of the stars also makes them drift off quite fast and ensures they will have a sound bedtime.

Before buying a projector for kids, make sure that the materials used for the product are not toxic, as kids often like to chew on toys.

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