5 Best Travel Bottle Warmers in 2023 That Keep Your Baby’s Milk At The Right Temp

Travel Bottle Warmer

Nursing a baby can be a delicate task because their mouth is quite sensitive. When a mother feeds her child, she produces breast milk naturally at body temperature. This is why babies prefer a warm bottle of milk over a cold one. But this doesn’t mean you go over to your microwave!

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Breast milk should never be heated in a microwave because it creates hot spots that could cause burns to your child’s mouth. Travel bottle warmers are ideal for this situation. These appliances can rapidly and uniformly heat up baby food stored in the fridge or freezer so you can start feeding your baby right away.

One option is to refrigerate the breast milk and then let it defrost at room temperature before giving it to the baby. Warming up baby food or milk this way is only one option. some people put it in a dish of hot water. A question still remains, though: “do you have the time?” Bottle warmers are designed for travel expediting and simplify the process. They’re also helpful when you’re out and about and need to feed your kid.

If you came looking for the finest travel bottle warmers in the market, you’ve arrived at the right article. We’re about to review five products that are already loved by parents to help you pick out the best according to your preferences.

Best Travel Bottle Warmers in 2023

The reviews in the section below will help you get a better idea about what each of these travel bottle warmers can offer you with regard to your unique preferences.

The First Years Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

As you are about to go to sleep, your baby starts crying for milk. Does this scenario sound familiar? Well, save yourself the trouble by having First Years travel bottle warmer at the ready. This product can warm up your baby’s milk in a matter of seconds, and it can even heat disposables efficiently.

One great detail about this product is that it is quite compact, standing at just 8 x 5 x 5 inches. This means that it can easily fit into any diaper bag while also allowing you to warm up a bottle of any size. On that note, this bottle warmer also has a measuring vial that can be used to accurately measure scoops while preparing formula milk or baby food. Whenever it’s time to feed your baby, this bottle warmer will have an accurate serving at the ready.

Philips Avent Baby Bottle Warmer

Philips is already a leading brand in the field of electronics and technology, which goes to prove their travel bottle warmers will make your child’s mealtimes comfortable. The Philips Avent bottle warmer is a compact product that can defrost and warm milk in under 3 minutes. It features a user-friendly dial that offers a couple of options like quick or gentle heating.

While some parents were concerned about it taking longer than competitor products, Philips mentions in its instruction manual that it does so to heat milk and food evenly while preventing hotspots from forming. Finally, it is compatible with most food and milk containers but cannot work with milk bags.

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s has been known for creating innovative products that promote health and nutrition for babies. So, it is no surprise their travel bottle warmer made it to our list. This particular appliance runs on electricity. With the push of a button, it will begin warming a bottle with heat.

The greatest thing about this travel bottle warmer is that it can warm up several bottles in one go and will not have to be repetitively refilled with hot water. The device also automatically turns off after 8 minutes before notifying you with audio and visual alerts when the food or milk is ready. Also, you don’t have to pay attention to heating times as the appliance’s cycle memory will remember your heating preferences.

Kozii Voyager Travel Warmer

Gone are the days when taking your child along for a journey was irritating, and this travel bottle warmer is proof. If you bring the Kozii Voyager along, you will be able to feed your baby whenever or wherever it is required. This bottle warmer delivers without electricity or batteries, and all you would need is 2 cups of hot water.

Once the hot water is in, the Kozii Voyager’s triple wall of vacuum insulation helps warm up your baby’s food or milk even after a couple of hours. In addition, the outer side of this bottle warmer has been manufactured with a thermal insulation storage shell. Simply put, you won’t be at risk of injuring yourself even if the water inside is scalding hot.

With just 2 cups of hot water and the Kozii Voyager travel bottle warmer, you and your baby will be prepared for any long journey. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you store formula or breast milk in plastic or glass bottles. The Kozii Voyager is compatible with all kinds of bottles and jars.

Gifzes Baby Bottle Warmer

Do you have twins? Or would you prefer to keep 2 bottles ready? If so, the Gifzes travel bottle warmer is a perfect solution. Even though it can warm 2 servings, it is still quite compact, standing at 7.4 x 7.2 x 6.5 inches. What’s more, it features a built-in smart thermostat for accurate temperature settings.

Since you can adjust temperatures, this product can also prevent any loss of nutrition from baby food, breast milk, or formula milk. Finally, the plastic cover also allows you to steam up bottles or any other containers to sterilize them, making sure your baby’s milk and food are completely healthy.

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Buying Guide for the Perfect Travel Bottle Warmers in 2023

Since you have many brands to choose from and a baby to take care of, this quick buying guide can help you choose the product that fits your needs. Here’s what you need to consider:

Ease of Use

Naturally, since a travel bottle warmer is going to be used on-the-go as well, it should be quick and easy to use.


The top safety feature in these products is the automatic shutdown feature. This feature shuts off the device once it has reached a certain temperature to avoid accidents or damage. Additionally, you could look for one that comes with a keep warm feature as well, so it is efficient even when it is turned off.


This particular feature is a definite plus for parents who take their babies with them. That being said, a product that operates with or without a battery or even via a carport should be the way to go.


Like any other appliance, travel bottle warmers should require low maintenance. They are meant to make things easier for parents and other caregivers. Hence, you need to look for a durable option that is easy to maintain.

Heating Speed

This is another important consideration because, at times, you will require milk or food to be ready in a matter of seconds. For instance, if you’re traveling with your baby, you wouldn’t want them to start crying while you wait for their food and milk to warm up.


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