What is the Average Number of Guests at a Baby Shower?

What is the average number of guests at a baby shower? Is 20 okay? Can I invite 50 people? How many guests are too many for a baby shower?

In order to answer this question, you need to consider certain factors. For instance, the average number of guests at a baby shower can be determined by the number of friends you have, family members, and where the event will be held.

However, if you are not comfortable around a large group of people or you don’t want to mingle with many people, 20 to 30 guests is a good number.

However, don’t be surprised to see almost 100 guests at your baby shower if you have plenty of friends and a big family.

What is the Average Number of Guests at a Baby Shower?

A baby shower event is one of the few happy moments in pregnancy that you get to celebrate with your family members and close friends.

You get to share your pregnancy journey with them while they narrate their birth stories and experiences in order to encourage you.

However, getting to know how many people you want to mingle with as they stare at your bump is very important.

So how many guests should you invite and why?

The Average Size of the Baby Shower and the Rationale Behind it

The size of every baby shower mainly depends on the mom to be’s, friends, and relatives. This is because most of them want to be part of the joyous event.

However, if you don’t want a big celebration, you shouldn’t feel bad about inviting only a select group of people who you know will get along with you.

The average size also is affected by the host, how much they can tolerate, the location, and the expecting mother’s preferences.

Event planners typically advise a maximum of around 30 people.

Because there will be only 30 people there, the celebration and the gift-opening portion of it won’t take long.

The reason for this is that if the expecting mother has too many guests, each of whom may offer a present, it may become a burden to unwrap each one.

Most importantly, with an average of 30 people, you can accommodate them in your house or home compound, which will be very economical.

Who Should be on Your Baby Shower GuestList?

Not having a proper guest list for the baby shower, is a recipe for disaster.

If you are the event organizer, be careful not to invite anybody that the mom-to-be does not get along with.

This is not a time to reconcile with people but to be happy and have fun.

So, if the mom to be is aware of the baby shower, ask her whom she would like to have at the party and whom to exclude.

What happens if the baby shower is meant to be a surprise?

In this case, consult with a spouse, partner, close friend, or relative about the people to invite.

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Who Chooses the Guestlist for a Baby Shower?

Usually, the mom-to-be is in a better position to choose the guests for the baby shower. This is because she knows her friends and relatives better.

However, if the shower is meant to be a surprise and so the mom is not involved in the planning, the host should choose the guest list. The host is responsible for all the expenses, so it is up to her to choose who should be on the guest list if the mom is not involved.

She should work together with a close friend or relative of the mom so as to ensure the invited guests all get along well with the mom.

What is the average number of guests at a baby shower

Who Not to Invite to Your Baby Shower

We are humans and so we don’t always get along well with everyone. There are some family members and friends who are known to bring chaos and shame whenever they attend an event.

Nobody wants any shame or chaos on what is supposed to be a joyful day.

Therefore, when choosing a guest list, avoid inviting the following people.

  • Miss Know it all

This is a person – could be a friend, relative, or workmate – who attempts to dictate everything.

For instance, she will insist on the hospital that the mom-to-be should go for delivery or insist on picking a name for the baby.

This can be quite unsettling.

It is good to give suggestions but don’t force your ideas and beliefs on the mom-to-be. Let her choose what she feels is right for her and her baby.

  • The sensitive person

I know this might sound controversial.

While my friends were organizing my baby shower, they invited a very close friend of mine who never turned up.

I was disappointed that she didn’t show up to the baby shower I’d planned for her, but I could see why she might not want to be around other people after the loss of her kid in labor.

So, ask them upfront whether it’s okay to invite your buddy who just went through a loss, miscarried, or is having reproductive troubles. Inquire about how they feel about it.

You’ll have to forgive them if they decline your invitation to the baby shower, but please do appreciate that the themes being discussed may be quite upsetting to them.

  • Distant relatives

Some of your relatives might invite other distant relatives you hardly know.

Maybe you met them once and you don’t even know how you are even related.

As much as you would like to have a chit-chat with them and get to know each other better, a baby shower might not be the best place.

  • Some coworkers

The people you work with are not all your friends.

Personally, I like to separate my work life from my personal life. So you will hardly find my coworkers attending my personal or family events unless we are really close.

The coworkers you talk to only when you need something from their department should definitely not be on your guest list.

What is a Baby Shower Guest List App, and Should You Use It?

The baby shower guest list app includes all the things that need to be done and the time to complete them before the event.

You can choose the theme of the shower, the menu, and activities and share ideas with other

If you use the baby shower guest list app, you will have an easier time inviting guests as well as selecting the perfect location, food, and entertainment.

However, most people have no idea about this app since it’s not very common. So you have to guide them in participating

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In a baby shower, you connect with the people you love and share your pregnancy journey. Your loved ones advise you on how you must be prepared before the due date.

If you’re throwing a baby shower for a friend or family member, you should be very selective about who you invite. Keep the guest list at a manageable size.

So, the typical size of a baby shower is approximately how many people you invited. There are a few things to think about, such as the venue and the number of guests invited to celebrate the mom-to-be.

Mind you, things have changed and co-ed baby showers are now a thing.  So remember to include men in your guest list if you are planning to have a co-ed baby shower.

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