What Kind Of Bra To Wear While Breastfeeding?

The first question that most new moms ask is what kind of bra to wear while breastfeeding.

I have to admit that before I had my firstborn, I had no idea that there were bras explicitly designed for nursing moms. So I did not include them in my baby registry.

After delivery, I realized that breastfeeding with my regular bras was not only uncomfortable but also affected the flow of milk since they were too tight.

I hated how the underwire in the bras squeezed on my chest under my breasts and the hard time I had when pulling them up or down to latch the baby.

What Kind Of Bra To Wear While Breastfeeding

The type of bra that won while breastfeeding is called a nursing bra.

Nursing bras differ from regular bras, and most of them do not have an underwire. Another unique feature is that they have drop-down cups to ease nursing. So, you do not have to pull down the bra or lift it when breastfeeding.

What qualities should you look for in the right nursing bra?

A nursing bra should not have an underwire.

Your regular bras have an underwire for extra support.

However, it is recommended that a nursing bra should not have an underwire since it interferes with the flow of milk.

The underwire has been found to block milk ducts, thereby making it hard for milk to flow out. If milk cannot flow out, breasts become engorged, which is very painful. Thin turn may cause an infection and even result in mastitis.

It should be stretchy.

The first few weeks after delivery, your breasts tend to be full and more significant than usual. After the first 2 or 3 months, the fullness reduces as your milk production stabilizes.

So it is good that you get a nursing bra that will fit your full breasts at the beginning and shrink back later. A stretchy bra also makes it easy to insert breast pads to prevent breastmilk from leaking onto your clothing.

Bras made from a blend of cotton and another synthetic stretchy fabric or made purely from cotton will fit your breasts quite well even as they increase and reduce in size.

Not knowing how large your breasts will get, you shouldn’t buy a nursing bra until after they start producing milk. Once the baby arrives, though, you may find that you have little time for such activities as shopping. Since a stretchy bra can accommodate a wide range of cup sizes, you can go shopping for one before you give birth.

The bra should have drop-down cups.

A nursing bra must have drop-down cups to ease breastfeeding. This is what differentiates it from everyday bras.

The drop-down cups are usually attached to the bra using clips that you can unclip or unsnap easily with one hand for quick access. You do not have to pull down or lift your bra. So the bra makes it easy to breastfeed discretely, especially when in a public place.

A right nursing bra should not be too tight

The essence of choosing a nursing bra over an everyday bra is comfort.

The only way you are going to feel comfortable is if your nursing bra fits perfectly and is not too tight or loose.

A very tight nursing bra may block the milk ducts and affect milk production, as we discussed earlier. It may also cause chest, back, and shoulder pain.

It should provide maximum support, especially for large busts

Good nursing bras should offer your breasts full support. This will help to lift them and hold them in place so that they don’t keep bouncing.

When you wear a bra that gives you support, your posture benefits as well. As your breasts get larger to accommodate milk production, you may find that your posture shifts, resulting in aching back muscles. If you want to improve your posture, investing in a supportive bra that lifts and shapes your bust and reduces muscular stress in your neck, shoulders, and back is a great place to start.

Should be well padded

Just like regular bras, nursing bras should also be padded. The pads should also be removable in case you want to add breast pads and you do not wish to have your bust looking extra big. Nursing pads should be changed as soon as they get damp, so when the pads are removable, you can easily do this.

Should be easy to undo with one hand

When you have a fussy baby on one hard who desperately wants to feed, you want to have easy access. The drop-down cups of the bra should, therefore, be easy to undo with one hand.

So what kind of bra to wear while breastfeeding?

You should wear a nursing bra when breastfeeding.

A right nursing bra gives you much-needed comfort, supports your breasts, gives you easy access when nursing, and still allows you to look normal even in your regular clothes. It should also offer discretion even when wearing breast pads.

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