What to Wear after C Section in Hospital?

Are you wondering what to wear after c section in a hospital?

Well, apart from the postpartum pads and underwear, you will need comfortable clothing. Some new moms choose to wear trackies or pajama pants that go over the wound, while others prefer maternity leggings and nighties made from soft cotton material.

If you don’t like spending those few days in the hospital gown, whatever you wear should not have a tight waistband to ease the recovery of the c section wound.

So let’s look at what you have in your hospital bag if you are booked in for a c section.

What to wear after C section in the hospital

1. Best pants to wear after c section

You have probably heard people say that the most suitable pants to wear after c section are high waist underwear. Why?

First and foremost, after delivery, you need comfortable underwear to hold huge pads in place.

This underwear should go all the way up over the incision. This means that they should be high-waisted.

Our Pick

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There are special pants designed for after C-section, such as these INNERSY cotton soft briefs. These briefs are 95% cotton, so they are breathable and provide much-needed comfort after delivery.

They have a waistband at the top that prevents them from sliding down. In addition, they offer full back coverage so they can hold the maternity pads in place.


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You can also try c section recovery underwear like UpSpring Baby C-Panty with a compression panel.

The panel is designed to slightly slim the postpartum belly, provide support to weakened tissue so as to speed up the recovery process.

Also, they help to reduce excess fluids so that the uterus can quickly go back to its normal size.

2. Maternity dresses

Yes, you are not done with maternity dresses yet. Unless you want to spend your hospital days in the hospital gown, your maternity dresses will come in handy.

This is because they are free-flowing dresses; hence, they do not aggravate your incision. They also tend to be very comfortable and give you easy access to breastfeeding.

3. Labor, Delivery and Nursing gowns

Labor and delivery gowns may look like your ordinary hospital issued gowns, but they are quite different.

For instance, the Baby Be Mine Labor and Delivery gowns are not only stylish but also give easy access to medical examinations and fetal monitoring.

Moreover, unlike the hospital gowns, which are cumbersome to wear and often leave your back open, these nursing gowns are discreet in that they cover you fully.

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So, no more flashing. You do not have to be ashamed to welcome your visitors or even walk around when wearing one of these.

For breastfeeding friendly clothes after delivery, try the Ekouaer Women’s delivery and nursing gown. They give you easy access to allow breastfeeding and also allow seamless medical examination during labor and after delivery.

They also come in different colors and are comfortable to wear as casual, lounge, maternity, or sleepwear.

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4. Postpartum girdle

After a C-section, even a slight movement may create some discomfort or pain in the incision area. This is why there are specially designed girdles for post-C-section such as the Bellefit Compression Girdle.

This girdle is highly recommended by doctors to provide you with adequate support around the waist and the lower abdomen so that you can regain your mobility sooner.

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It also offers compression, which reduces swelling by enabling the uterus to eliminate excess fluids so that you can go back to your pre-pregnancy body sooner.

5. A tank top or loose shirt with maternity leggings

Tank tops are a must-have breastfeeding clothing. They double as nursing bras, but they are not as tight since most do not have an underwire.

The first few weeks after c section, a nursing tank like the BRAVADO nursing tank top will help to slightly compress your midsection so that you can quickly lose a few inches around your belly.

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You can pair your tank top with a pair of maternity leggings with a belly band that goes over the incision for comfort. If it has a compression band, make sure stretchy and holds up without sliding down as you walk, as this may irritate the incision.

6. Leggings after c section

You will definitely not be in a position to wear leggings immediately after C-section. Even without the compression panel, leggings are too tight and can irritate the incision and aggravate it.

You might have to wait a while until about 6 to 8 weeks before rocking those leggings.

If you must wear leggings earlier than this, go for loose yoga pants with a high waist.

Once the incision heals, you can wear high-waisted leggings with a compression panel. The compression panel is meant to provide belly support and compress it a little so that the uterus can quickly get back to its pre-baby size.

7. Best pajamas for the hospital after c section

It’s likely that you’ll spend the first day after giving birth in your pajamas. Gowns are ideal for prenatal visits and postpartum medical checks since they are loose and comfortable.

It’s common to live in your pajamas for a while after giving birth. Do not feel isolated. Because of how comfy they are, most new mothers choose to wear them all day long.

All you need is to find a material that feels soft and comfortable. If you choose to wear pajama pants like these Liu & QU comfy maternity lounge pants, make sure the waistband can go all the way up over the incision so that it does not aggravate it.

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You can also wear the Kindred Bravely maternity and nursing pajamas, which come in a set. They are soft and very comfortable, so you can wear them during pregnancy, labor, and after delivery.

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These nursing pajamas have an elastic-free nursing design, so it doesn’t dig or chafe, which gives you comfort when breastfeeding.

Bearsland Maternity nursing pajama set can also be won postpartum after C-section. They come in a set of 3 pieces; breastfeeding top, half sleeve cardigan, and sleep pants. The waistband of the pants is elastic and adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating the incision after delivery.

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What should you not wear after a c-section?

  • Avoid buttoned pants since they may rub against the incision and cause irritation.
  • Choose light and breathable clothing.
  • Avoid tight dresses and pants that may irritate the healing wound
  • Go for clothes that are comfortable to breastfeed in, like tank tops and dresses that give you easy access
  • Shorts and pants that have an elastic waistband should be avoided since they may be too tight around the incision

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The most important thing to consider about what to wear after a c-section in a hospital is that whatever you choose should not interfere with the incision.

Maternity dresses and nursing nightgowns are more suitable since they do not have waistbands for you to worry about.

However, if you love pants, leggings, and shorts, make sure the waistband goes all the way up so as to keep the wound clean and facilitate faster healing.


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