When can Baby Go in Exersaucer? Age/Weight limits

When can a baby go in exersaucer? If your baby has reached a stage where he or she wants a lot of attention and wants to be held all the time, you may find yourself considering putting them in an exersaucer.

However, exersuacers have age and weight limits. Pediatricians recommend that babies start using exersaucers at the age of 6 to 7 months and should not be used past 24 months. In regards to the weight limit, pediatricians also advise that exersaucers should not be used when the baby reaches 25 pounds and above.

In this article, we shall talk about when you can put your baby in an exersaucer and the age and weight limit.

When can Baby go to Exersaucer

It is every parent’s wish that their baby grows both physically and emotionally in good health. This is very much achievable when everything runs smoothly as expected for both the baby and the mother or caregiver.

But babies reach a certain age where they need a lot of attention. This sometimes may not be possible due to household chores like cooking, washing, ironing, and sometimes fatigue, among others.

An exersaucer is helpful in these situations since babies of different ages can engage in different activities within the device.

Exersaucers serve varied purposes and come in a variety of designs, each with its own advantages.

They have both attached and detachable playthings, such as a keyboard that plays a variety of tunes.

All these are meant to occupy the baby’s mind and to make them active. In return, they get psychological satisfaction that everything is alright in the event that their caregiver is not close to them as they would need.

But, how do you know your baby is ready to go into an exersaucer?

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Factors that indicate the baby is ready for the exersaucer

When the baby can pull up and stand while holding onto something

When can baby go in exersaucer

If your baby has not yet started to naturally pull themselves up to stand, it indicates that the bones, ligaments, and muscles of their legs and feet are not strong enough. So they cannot hold their body weight.

Therefore, they cannot use an exersaucer since they will not be able to stand on the base level.

Their legs and feet will be too weak to support their body weight, which may lead to complications and affect development.

When the feet can reach the base of the exersaucer or floor

When the baby’s feet are able to reach the base of the exersaucer or floor, it means that their feet have developed and are strong enough to withstand a little exercise by bouncing on the base level.

So, they can comfortably get into the exersaucer and enjoy the various activities on it.

When the baby starts sitting without support

The most appropriate time to let the baby in exersaucer is when he or she can comfortably sit without support.

This is because they will be able to settle down on the seat with balance.

When babies are unable to support themselves using their arms,  it shows that their trunk is quite stable, and the chances of injury are not as high.

They will also be able to explore what is around them, thereby enhancing their reflex and coordination abilities.

Exersaucer age and weight limit

Age limit

As earlier mentioned, it is advisable that babies start using an exersaucer from six to seven months. This is recommended by medical professionals in order to actually avoid poor posture and spine disorder which comes as a result of joint strain at a tender age.

Putting a baby in an exersaucer too early has also been linked to joint degeneration in severe cases.

As for the age limit, it is advisable that babies should not use an exersaucer past 24 months or when over 30 inches tall. This is because the baby’s weight and height at this age may be too much for the exersaucer and may affect its sturdiness.

Weight limit

Most exersaucers have an average weight limit of 25 pounds. Once your baby reaches 25 pounds and above, it is advisable to discontinue putting them in an exersaucer.

This is based on the fact that most exersaucers are not designed to accommodate weight over 25 pounds, so they may break down and cause injuries.

In addition, your baby may feel uncomfortable since he or she may not be able to fit well in it.

However, there are selected brands of exersaucers that have a higher weight limit of about 30-35lbs. So, choose one of these if your baby is 25 lbs and above and you still want them in the exersaucer for one reason or another.

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How to introduce baby to exersaucer

Child safety is a fundamental role for every parent or caregiver. As much as exersaucers are recommended for use by babies, care should be taken to avoid accidents and injuries. Most of them come with manual instructions, and it is advisable to go through them before use.

In this regard, the best way to introduce babies to an exersaucer is by first making them familiar with these gadgets.

Once they can sit on their own, place them on the exersaucer seat and slowly help them recognize the attached toys. If there is music, let them listen to it and show that you are also enjoying and having fun with them.

Showing them that you are enjoying the fun activities on the exersaucer together will show that you are not using it as a substitute while you are busy elsewhere. As a result, they will start loving to spend time on it.

Once you are sure that they are hooked, you can gradually start leaving them on it for a few minutes as you quickly finish up other chores.

Babies are emotionally intelligent, so when they discover this instrument is being used as a substitute, they will never accept being put in it. Instead, they will cry and insist on being held, which will beat the purpose of the exersaucer.

Nonetheless, pediatricians add that you should never leave babies for too long on the exersaucer unattended. At least 20 minutes at a time is recommended so that they can enjoy free movement outside the exersaucer too.

More about when can a baby go in exersaucer

Should the baby be flat-footed in exersaucer

Should the baby be flat-footed or on their toes in the exersaucer and jumper? This is a very common question among parents.

Pediatricians recommend that babies should be on their toes in the exersaucer. This is based on the fact that babies who use the exersaucers are not walking yet, so when flat-footed, a lot of strain is put on their knees and joints by their full body weight when they bounce or jump.

Another reason is that when a child stands flat-footed, he or she has more balance, which makes it easier for them to tip over the exersaucer or climb out.

How long can a baby use an exersaucer?

As earlier mentioned, babies’ time on the exersaucer should not exceed 20 minutes. You should get them out at 20 minutes intervals to allow them to relax and play on with other toys freely on the floor.

So how long should they use an exersaucer? When you notice that your baby is attempting to get in or out of the exersaucer on his own., you should discontinue use immediately to prevent accidents.

You should discourage him because, at this age, he may get injured while attempting to climb out.

Are exersaucers bad for babies?

This is a polar question with yes and no as the answer because exersaucers carry their positives and negatives.


On the positive side, they are very convenient, especially when the caregivers want to run other errands or do choose in the house.

Exersaucers are considered a safer alternative to baby walkers because they minimize the injuries caused by falling down the stairs on tripping on the carpet.

In addition, putting babies in them prevents the risk of falling off the seats and crawling and reaching dangerous places in the house.

Moreover, the activities on the exersaucers promote development in babies, such as motor and sensory skills and hand-eye coordination. For instance, they encourage exploration and touching skills through the attached toys, and the musical tunes make them emotionally attached.


It’s well knowledge that exersaucers have several safety issues. Because the infant is in one spot, they are not as likely to be affected by their surroundings. Infants keep themselves busy by independently exploring their environment as they learn to crawl, roll over, and reach for objects.

They also restrict parental bonding time with their infants. Infants have a lifelong requirement for loving care and attachment of some sort. They feel at ease and secure when you hold them and play with them. Because of the comforting feeling they get from being held and cuddled, babies gradually fall asleep when done so.

Poor posture is quite unhealthy when the baby is young since this is the time bones and other organs are developing. So when babies are put in exersaucers for extended periods of time, they sometimes change positions to arched backs, which strain their trunks.

This can lead to joint pain when they are older or permanent disability when the problem is not addressed in time. They can also get bowlegs when left to stand on their feet for too long before they fully learn how to walk.


This article has given an in-depth discussion to answer the question, of when can a baby go in exersaucer. Baby Exersaucers are very convenient to the ever-busy parents and caregivers who have limited time to do all household chores day-to-day. So once the baby reaches the recommended age of 4 to 7 months, you can do more research to find the most suitable one that will meet their needs. This is because the recommended age tag differs from one brand to another as well as the age, height, and weight limit.


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