When Do Babies Outgrow Swings: Age & Weight Limits

Holding your baby the whole day is not an easy task especially if you are a new mom. You need to put him down even if it’s just rushing to the washroom. That’s why you need a soft and safe swing for the baby to rest and play. Swings are not permanent; your baby should only use them for a specific period. So, when do babies outgrow swings?

Most babies outgrow swings by the age of 9 to 12 months and weigh about 24 to 30 lbs. However, there is no rule when it comes to when to stop using a baby swing. This is because some babies may outgrow swings sooner than others.

What matters most is the baby’s size and instructions for the specific swing you choose. So, you must follow the manufacturer’s requirements for the swing’s weight and height limit.

When do babies outgrow swings and age weight limits?

Every parent wishes to have a few moments to themselves while the baby is sleeping or resting peacefully.

This is why swings are essential baby items.

However, some parents tend to misuse swings by using them before or past the recommended age and weight limit. This is bad because it puts your baby’s health is at risk.

Therefore, you need to know when to stop using a baby swing.

Since many mothers struggle to decide whether to stop their children from using the swing, we have written this essay in its entirety. The important criteria listed below might assist you to determine when the child has outgrown the swing and you should stop using it.

Baby Swing Age Limit

Babies can start using the swing the moment they arrive in this world. And they can enjoy it until they are 24 months.

But this depends on the baby’s growth and development and also the swing type. 50% of the boys reach the maximum weight when they are 16 months, while girls wait until they turn 20 months.

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Baby Swing Weight Limit

Weight plays a significant role in making the decision when you want the baby to stop using the swing.

When Do Babies Outgrow SwingsMost swings can hold a baby of 13 -14 Kg.  So it is recommended you avoid using it when your baby is around 11 kg.

Most manufacturers indicate this on the product to avoid confusion and problems when the time comes.

This way, the swing will not break, and your baby will be safe. It would be best if you never waited to see the signs of the child wanting to get out.

If the baby reaches the maximum weight but is still comfortable using the swing, stop using it.

This is because it is the weight that determines whether or not the swing should be used.

Remember, every other day, kids get injured due to baby swings, and you wouldn’t be happy to see your baby in that situation.


The primary reason you bought a swing is to keep the baby busy as you do your daily activities or help them sleep.

When you start using it, let your baby take around 30 minutes in it. If he fails to relax, you must get him from it.

This is because the swing can make the baby feel dizzy, and the bonding between the baby and the parent can be affected. So it’s essential to know when to stop.

Your baby is a climber

Babies behave differently for their age, and some are more active than others.

So when it becomes challenging to keep your baby in one position, it is time to let them out of the swing.

They might remain fastened with certain restraints. However, they can still attempt to climb out, which is riskier since they risk being tangled.

It’s difficult to keep them buckled up as they start to explore their surroundings.

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Do I really need a baby swing?

Based on what we have talked about, you might be wondering whether or not a baby swing is still worth it.

Of course, swings are worth it. They play a significant role, especially during the baby’s early months.

They help to;

  • Soothe and calm the baby when the mom is doing other activities in the house.
  • It helps the kid rest peacefully.
  • Entertains the baby, especially when he has been crying nonstop and can’t calm down. A perfect baby swing for this purpose is a stimulating one.
  • It makes the baby more relaxed.
  • The swing tends to calm babies down because it’s a sensory experience that reminds them of being inside the womb.

Baby Swing Safety tips before they outgrow it

The use of a swing is an excellent way for a mom to catch up, but you must adhere to proper safety measures when using one.

Below is what you should keep in mind when putting your baby in a swing:

  • Obey the weight limit. Most injuries occur when the baby is overweight and is still allowed to use the swing.
  • Never leave the baby unattended. You should not, especially when the baby has started showing signs of wanting to get out.
  • Let the baby use the swing in a flat, safe, and open area. Always make sure the baby is not near the pets or other small kids.
  • The toys and decorations should be out of the baby’s reach.
  • If the swing starts moving in a strange manner, stop using it to avoid injuries.
  • Always use the safety harness provided.
  • Control the time your baby swing. As mentioned above, 30 minutes are okay.
  • With multi-speed swings, young babies prefer slower speeds and older babies like quick speeds.
  • Don’t use a portable swing as an infant carrier.
  • Be on the lookout for recalls.

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A baby can be starting using a swing any time after birth and continue until he reaches a maximum weight supported by the swing. But all safety measures must be respected and applied.

So, when do babies outgrow swing? It’s all about your child’s size and the instructions for a particular swing. In case the baby is trying to climb out, do away with the swing.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you cannot simply place your infant on the swing and walk away. To make sure your baby is secure and comfortable, you should remain in the same space while he is being watched after.

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